Ch.103.5 Usui-kun, Road to a Supreme Ruler (Delusion) 8

Ch.001 First Day in Heaven Ch.002 Physical Examination Ch.003 Girls Are Amazing Ch.004 Makenki Activates Ch.005 The Enemy Within Tenbi Ch.005.5 Ch.005.6 Ch.006 Tenbi's Strongest Maiden Ch.007 Rainy Days In Tenbi Ch.008 Mercenary Unit - Venus Ch.009 A Day In Tenbi - Exchange Student Chapter Ch.010 Water Arena Ch.010.5 Ch.011 Boys Are Preplexed By... Ch.012 Your Unchanging Wish Ch.013 The Day When The Sky Breaks-, Morning Ch.014 The Day When The Sky Breaks-, Afternoon Ch.015 Because I'm Stupid Ch.015.5 Ch.016 What God Left Behind Ch.017 This Is The Battlefield Ch.018 The Maken's Name Is... Ch.019 The Two Who Are Alike Ch.020 The Swing That Splits The Heavens Ch.021 Precious Memories Ch.021.5 Ch.022 The Strong And The Weak Ch.023 Maken Yasakani Ch.024 The Battle Ends Ch.025 Tenbi Gakuen's 1st Semester Ends Ch.026 Makaroon's Special Service Day - First Part Ch.027 Makaroon's Special Service Day - Second Part Ch.028 Summer/Swimsuits/Training Ch.029 Beware of Sea Monsters Ch.030 Beware of Monsters in the Forest Ch.031 The Right Hand That Protects Friends Ch.032 The Flow Keeps Flowing Ch.033 Wait for Me! My Paradise!! Ch.034 The Ability User Without an Ability Ch.035 The Clumsy Bunch Ch.036 Ch.037 Drink & Meet Ch.037.5 Youthful Days Ch.038 Virgins And Cherries Ch.039 The Enemy Has Come Ch.040 Break Point Ch.041 Koto Dama Ch.042 Leave it to me Ch.043 The Emperor Vs. The School Director Ch.044 [TESSHIN] Ch.045 Thank You!! Ch.046 Regretful Memories Ch.047 You can't avoid the things you can't see Ch.048 Mami Habaya Ch.049 That Kind of Person Isn't Human Ch.050 This Is A Story from Long Ago Ch.051 Those Are Her Irreplaceable Memories Ch.052 And Her Spinning Sou Ch.053 Who Cares Ch.054 Clone Ch.055 The Resurrected And The Vanished Ch.056 The Two Takerus Ch.057 The Power Of Blood Ch.058 A Small Promise Ch.059 Scars and Promises Ch.060 The Start Of The Festivities Ch.061 With That, The Summer Ends Ch.061.5 Usui-kun, Road to Become Supreme Ruler(Delusion) Episode 2 Ch.062 Now Is The Festival Of The Autumn Beginnings Ch.063 A Student's Role Ch.064 School Festival! Ch.065 It's Too Late To Repent Ch.066 Deluxe Pole Toppling (Fixed) Ch.066.5 Usui-kun, The Road To Becoming Supreme Ruler (A Delusion) Episode 3 Ch.067 The Man Who Exchanged Fists Ch.068 True Master Ch.069 A Way to Enjoy the Festival Ch.070 Dynamic Quiz Game Ch.070.5 Espada's magnificent way of harem Ch.071 What in the world is that? Ch.072 The one Who Perished Ch.073 Lucky Woman Ch.074 Haruko and Aoi's Throbbing Animal Land Ch.075 *Smells* Like a *Warrior* Ch.076 A Warrior That Evolves Ch.077 An Inherited Right Arm Ch.078 True Kamudo Ch.079 A Maken That Evolves Ch.080 A Demon Returns Ch.080.5 [Oneshot] She Is an Irregular Succubus Ch.081 Maken "Kanayago" Ch.082 Footsteps of the Evil God Ch.083 I Wanted to Meet You Ch.084 Utopia of the Strong Ch.085 Worthless, Insignificant Fellows Ch.086 Staking His Soul Ch.087 Overlapping Powers Ch.088 Irreplaceable Time Ch.089 The Sacrificial Maiden Ch.090 Go, Decisive Battle Amanohara Ch.091 Adventurous Decisive Battle Ch.092 A Man’s Worth Ch.093 The Sea Empress Ch.094 A Maken’s Birth Ch.095 The Maken Crusher Ch.096 The 'World' Which He Desires Ch.097 The Line Of Death Ch.098 His Reason to Not Run Ch.099 For the Person Behind Him Ch.100 Iron Will Ch.101 Trump Cards in Both Hands Ch.102 They Don't Understand Ch.103 The Defiant Men Ch.103.5 Usui-kun, Road to a Supreme Ruler (Delusion) 8
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