Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - Kono Watashi no Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo Kotowaru!

Ch.022 Sorry to Have Kept You Waiting, My Hero

Ch.001 Become Mine, Hero! Ch.002 Please Make Me Human Ch.003 A Full Tummy Is Happy Dappy Ch.004 Where in the World Were You Wandering This Whole Time?! Ch.005 I Am Dark Knight! Ch.006 To Choose a Path Between the Two Ch.007 The World’s Full of Things I Don’t Know Ch.008 We’ll Launch the Second Aurora Island Recovery Campaign – Landing Operation! Ch.009 That's My Job! Ch.010 Welcome Home, Hero! Ch.011 How is It, My Lord? Ch.012 Thing That Can’t Be Distinguished as a Profit or a Loss Ch.013 I Don't Want to Be Left Behind Anymore Ch.014 Because I Am a "Human" Ch.015 As a Start Ch.015.5 Epilogue Ch.016 What Can You Do with a Piece of Gold Ch.017 This is a War Called Forth by Us Foolish Humans Ch.018 Hero… is Needed Ch.019 It's Because I'm a Merchant Ch.020 For Our Mother Earth! Ch.021 "Thank You," is What They Told Me Ch.022 Sorry to Have Kept You Waiting, My Hero Ch.022.5 RATS Ch.023 There Are Times for War, and There Are Times for Peace Ch.023.5 Ch.024 I Am in Love with This World Ch.025 This is What the Era is Seeking For Ch.026 Grand Clan Conference, Kurultai Ch.027 Let's Make This Our First Strike Ch.028 Constitution Ch.029 Seal King of Blue Demons Ch.030 Demon Queen is the True Hero Ch.031 We Are The Crimson Disciples Ch.032 I Just Wanted to Walk Alone With You Ch.033 The Pathway Ch.034 From the Moment Humanity Was Born, It Has Been Involved with the World (For The Halibut Version) Ch.035 An Old Legend Ch.036 I Just Want to See What Lies on the Other Side of This Hill(For The Halibut) Ch.037 Why is that here? Ch.038 Muskets Ch.039 Ch.040 We Really Can't Afford To Lose After All Ch.041 It's not as if I love the hero because I want him to help me Ch.042 There’s always an answer (But it’s not necessarily the same one ... Ch.043 This city… is really important to me Ch.044 Ball of light Ch.045 This is... a Saturation Attack Ch.046 In the Name of Those Who Won't Return Ch.047 Ch.048 Ch.049 Ch.050 Ch.051 Ch.052 Ch.053 Ch.054 Ch.055 Ch.056 Ch.057 Ch.058
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