Masamune-kun no Revenge

Ch.050 Extra

Ch.001 The man who was called Piggy Ch.002 Cinderella Does Not Smile Ch.003 The Simple Job of Exchanging Addresses Ch.004 Yoshino's Magic Sho Ch.005 A Student's Duty Is To Study Ch.006 Love Story Prescription Ch.007 Right Now There's A Crisis Point There Ch.008 Mysterious Cat Ch.009 A Virtuous Bomb (fixed) Ch.009.5 Investigative Report into Aki Adagaki Ch.010 Stress and Poolside Ch.011 Several Qea Ch.011.5 Becoming a magnificent heir to a servant family! Ch.012 Assault! Home Visitation Warfare Ch.012.5 Omake Ch.013 The Tsunade Island Affair Part 1 Ch.013.5 Tsunade Island Incident Part 2 Ch.014 The Tsunade Island Affair Part 3 Ch.015 The Tsunade Island Affair Part 4 Ch.016 It's Not You Ch.017 The Lost Child Of A Lost Child Ch.018 Though It's Said With Love And Affection Ch.018.5 Omake Ch.019 The Doubtful New School Semester Ch.020 Another Masamune-kun Ch.020.1 Kojuurou Wants To Become A Dandy Ch.020.2 Adagaki-Sun, Challenge in the Dead of Night Ch.021 The School Festival Conspiracy Ch.022 Plan Name "F" Ch.023 Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 1 Ch.023.5 Omake Ch.024 Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 2 Ch.025 Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 3 Ch.026 Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 4 Ch.027 Yasaka Festival's Snow White Part 5 Ch.028 The End of the Show; The Start of the Festival Ch.029 Don't Let Go of the Mic, Even if it Kills You. Ch.029.4 Omake Ch.029.5 Masamune-kun's Sour Grapes Ch.030 Paris and the Mademoiselle who is an O Ch.031 I wonder what (a) love (comedy) is like? Ch.032 Free Time Means Freedom Ch.033 Sorceress and Fatty, Man and Woman Ch.034 The Princess' Confession Ch.034.4 Omake Ch.034.5 At Times, Men Challenge Their Difficulties Ch.035 Piggy's Memorial Ch.035.2 Piggy's Memorial (2) Ch.035.5 Something Fascinating Today Ch.036 Turning Up Once Forgotten Ch.037 Inference and Response Ch.038 I Can't Really Come to Like You, Piggy Ch.039 In Search of Lost Time Ch.039.3 Omake Ch.039.5 If She Were to Change Into a Swimsuit... Ch.039.6 Seeing the True Form of a Ghost? Tae x Masamune Ch.039.7 The Phoenix is Resurrected from ? Ch.040 Becoming His Girlfriend Ch.041.1 The Second Date (Hadapure-less) Part 1 Ch.041.2 The Second Date (Hadapure-less) Part 2 Ch.042 Who Am I? Ch.043 It's a pointless confession even if I make it, though. Ch.044 There Are Things You Must Also Not Realize Ch.045 Ch.046 Ch.046.1 Ch.046.2 Ch.047 Ch.048 They Say Happiness Lies Vastly Far Beyond the Mountains Ch.049 Ch.050 Extra
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Masamune-kun no Revenge contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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