Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen

Ch.023.1 It Was a Difficult Decision...

Ch.001 The Lone Wolf Lanka! Ch.001.1 Omake1 Terano-sensei's Educational Guidance Ch.001.5 Ch.002 Chloe the Noble Horse! Ch.002.1 Omake 2 Chloe the Zebra's Path to becoming a Dueloughbred! Ch.002.5 Ch.003 Yukari Still Doesn't Know the Name of the Dish She Ate That Day Ch.003.1 Omake 3 From Mother to Daughter, From Father to Son Ch.003.5 Ch.004 The New 180 Metres per Hour Club Member, Miyubi! Ch.004.1 Omake 4 Miyubi's Died Again!! Ch.004.5 Ch.005 The Poker Face Idol, Kurumi! Ch.005.1 Kurumi's Having a Marriage Interview~ Ch.005.5 Ch.006 The Strongest Big Sister in the World, Ferryl! Ch.006.1 Omake 6 Kuromori-San Dies A Noble Death!! Ch.006.5 Ch.007 Lanka's Ambition! Ch.007.1 Omake 7 Catering Edition Ch.008 One's True Herd (Friends) Ch.008.1 Mixed Herd - Day One Ch.008.2 Seton Academy Before Summer Vacation!! Ch.008.5 Ch.009 Sports Day at Seton Academy! (Part 1) Ch.010 Sports Day at Seton Academy! (Part 2) Ch.010.1 Ch.011 Sports Day at Seton Academy! (Part 3) Ch.011.5 Sports Festival - Cretaceous Edition Ch.012 The Lion’s Going on About His Hair Again Ch.012.5 Omake 12Only the Bushiness Is No More, However Ch.013 Underground Student Council President, Hadano Miki!! Ch.013.5 Omake 13 Student Council President Miki’s Raw Debut! Ch.014 I'm a Maaaan! (Male) Ch.014.5 I'mma Become a Girl!! Ch.015 I Am an Aye-Aye Ch.015.5 Omake 15 We Are Aye-Ayes Ch.016 I dressed! I went! I undressed! Ch.016.5 Omake 16 She's a Really Good Person ~She Loves Everyone~ Ch.017 Miyubi Isn't Dying!? Ch.017.5 Omake 17 The Amazing Quick-Girl Ch.018 v2 Confession Ch.018.1 Oshougatsu Tokubetsu Kakioroshi Happy New Year Ch.018.2 Omake The Guardian of Love Ch.019 True Feelings Ch.019.1 Ch.019.5 Omake Chloe's Onsen Report Ch.020 Wolf Therapy Ch.020.1 Omake These Foodstuffs Are Produced with Love Ch.021 Because There Are Boobs There Ch.021.1 Omake v2 Valley Property (2D 88cm, Built 16 Years Ago) Ch.022 Ratel! The Invincible! Ch.022.1 Omake Staaaaare Ch.023 Ch.023.1 It Was a Difficult Decision... Ch.024 Handle Panda with Care Ch.024.1 Omake Ch.025 Yena Settles It! Ch.025.1 Which Side Are You Going to Enter, Yena-kun? Ch.026 Live! Your Eyes Are Huge Ch.026.1 Manako at Night Ch.027 Handle Cat with Care Ch.027.1 When She's hungry Ch.028 Kangaroo Boxing (Part 1) Ch.028.1 RooRooRoo Ch.029 Kangaroo Boxing (Part 2) Ch.029.1 Ring Girls Meeting Ch.030 Kangaroo Boxing (Part 3) Ch.030.1 Ring Girls Dress Coordination Ch.031 Ch.031.1 Omake Ch.032 Escape from the Shitty Arc Edition Ch.032.1 A Sleeping Hy.... Lion Ch.032.5 Volume 1 Extras Ch.033 Get Yukari Back! Ch.033.1 Seton Academy Girls' Talk Ch.034 Kuromori-san Stands Firm!! Ch.034.1 Kuromori-kun Dies a Noble Death!! Ch.035 Suspected of forcibly putting on clothes Ch.035.5 Omake Ch.036 Seaside School Sea Academy!!!! Part 1 Ch.036.5 Omake Ch.037 Seaside school Sea Academy!!!! Part 2 Ch.037.5 Ch.038 Ch.038.5 Ch.039 Seaside School Sea Academy!!!! Test of courage. Ch.039.5 Omake Ch.039.8 Ch.039.9 Ch.040 Ch.040.5 It's tough being a manager Ch.041 Ch.041.5 Ch.042 Ch.042.5 Ch.043 Ch.043.5 The sloth's last trump card. Ch.044 Ch.044.5 A lion's heat Ch.045 Ch.045.5 A carnivorous boyfriend Ch.046 Ch.046.5 Impala Tournament Ch.047 Ch.047.5 I groped her Ch.048 The strongest Assassin! Ch.048.5 You look delicious Ch.049 A method of making friends that even a Neanderthal can use. Ch.049.5 The rabbits repay a favor. Ch.050 Ch.050.5 Seton Academy festival backstage. Ch.051 Seton Academy Festival - Day Two Ch.051.5 Seton Academy festival backstage 2. Ch.052 Ch.052.5 Ch.053 Ch.053.5 Seton Academy festival backstage 4 Ch.054 Ch.054.5 She Loses the Miss Female contest by default Ch.055 Ch.055.5 Seton Academy festival - Under the stage. Ch.056 Ch.057 Ch.057.5 Ch.058 Ch.058.5 When we grow up... Ch.059 Ch.059.5 Ch.060 Ch.060.5 A new friend Ch.060.6 Ch.061 Ch.061.5 Newcomer Ch.062 Ch.062.5 Ch.063 Ch.063.5 Ch.064 Ch.064.5 Ch.065 Ch.065.5 Ch.066 Ch.066.5 Ch.067 Lanka's Father Appears!! Ch.067.5 The mister of the forest Ch.068 Ch.068.5 Ch.069 Ch.069.5 Ch.070 Ch.070.5 Nice Escort Ch.071 Ch.071.5 The Mister's Fluff Ch.072 Boss, to the Summit! Ch.072.5 Morning Chirping Ch.073 Ch.073.5 Last Boss Ch.074 Ch.074.5 If Pushing Doesn't Work, Try Shaking It Ch.075 Ch.075.5 Laying the Groundwork Ch.076 Ch.076.5 A Girl on Her Mind Ch.077 Ch.077.5 When They Become Second Years Ch.077.6 Bangaihen - The Situation at the Seton Academy Pool Ch.078 Ch.079 Cowardly Vampire (2) Ch.080 Ch.081 Cowardly Vampire (4) Ch.082 Kuromori-san's Springtime (1) Ch.083 Ch.084 Kuromori-san's Springtime (3) Ch.085 Ch.086 Ch.086.5 Bangaihen - Little First Contact Ch.087 Underground Maze (1) Ch.088 Underground Maze (2) Ch.089 Ch.090 Ch.091 Ch.092 Underground Maze (6) Ch.093 Ch.093.5 Audition Omake Ch.094 Ch.095 Ch.096 We All Are Growing Ch.096.5 Natural Enemy Ch.096.6 Audition Omake 2 Ch.097 Ch.098 Ch.098.5 The Vampire Bat Saw it All Ch.099 Ch.100 Ch.100.5 Looming Dark P*nis Ch.101 Ch.102 Ch.103 Ch.104 Ch.105 Ch.105.5 Ch.105.6 Audition Omake 3 Ch.106 Ch.107 Ch.108 Ch.109 Ch.110 Ch.111 Ch.112 Ch.113 Ch.113.5 Ch.113.6 Ch.113.7 Ch.114 Ch.115 Ch.116 Ch.117 Being a Human is Nice (1) Ch.118 Being a Human is Nice (2) Ch.119 Being a Human is Nice (3) Ch.119.5 Ch.120 Ch.121 Ch.122 Ch.123 Ch.124 Ch.125 Ch.126 Ch.127 Ch.128 Ch.129 Ch.129.5 Ch.130 Ch.131 Ch.131.5 Ch.132 Ch.133
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