My Boyfriend is a Jinyiwei

Ch.135 2-34.5 My jinyiwei comes home again

Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 Ch.004 Ch.005 Ch.006 Ch.007 Ch.008 Ch.009 Ch.010 Ch.011 Ch.012 Ch.013 Ch.014 The little girl is the condition! Ch.015 Lianlian models to buy Gujiu a cellphone Ch.016 Lianlian gives a present Ch.017 Do you really want to leave? Ch.018 Don't leave me Ch.019 Having fun playing dumb? Ch.020 You can't say good-bye Ch.021 Passing through time Ch.022 A "female assassin" escapes Ch.023 Reunion Ch.024 Resuscitation Ch.025 Are you who I think you are? Ch.026 Testing the situation Ch.027 Moving to his house Ch.028 Have I been discovered?! Ch.029 How could I do that to her Ch.030 Reverse seduction Ch.031 Lip biting Ch.032 I, Yuchi Lianfo behaved worse than a beast Ch.033 The brat falls on Lianlian Ch.034 Scheming Lian! Heartless Lian! You're the worst! Ch.035 Ch.036 A jealous and unyielding man Ch.037 Daydream Ch.038 As long as I can see you again Ch.039 Remedy Ch.040 Lianlian takes the initative Ch.041 He is my beloved Ch.042 Dangerous atmosphere Ch.043 Mustn't reveal what was seen Ch.044 Using a child to do harm Ch.045 Is it so hard to just say you like me? Ch.045.5 Side story - We should get married this year Ch.046 Chance meeting with the prince Ch.047 You never look back at me Ch.048 False chance encounter Ch.048.5 Side story - We should get married this year Ch.049 She is mine Ch.050 That person is strange Ch.051 Marriage Ch.052 Do you really want to be with me? Ch.053 Whatever you want I will give you Ch.054 Luckily I have you to protect me Ch.055 Teach me how to ride a horse Ch.056 She is really adorable Ch.057 Caught Ch.058 Homesick Ch.059 Under the stars Ch.060 Won't you give it to me? Ch.061 Deep feelings Ch.062 Crafty princess Ch.063 Brat is in danger! Ch.064 Brat is in danger! Ch.065 I can't lose you again Ch.066 Can't let you get hurt again Ch.067 I shouldn't have left her Ch.068 Who dares touch my woman? Ch.069 It's fine as long as I remember my feelings for you Ch.070 I used to be with you Ch.071 The girl who can only growl Ch.072 A young older brother Ch.073 Past life experience Ch.074 I'll marry you when you grow up Ch.075 Beautiful fox man Ch.076 Feelings cannot be controlled Ch.077 She likes him... Ch.079 Do you know how much I suffered? Ch.080 I can't let you leave again Ch.081 Wait for me to come get you Ch.083 Lianlian's crying! Ch.084 L'il ol' me wants to sleep on your chest tonight! Ch.095 At the end of her rope Ch.096 Protect you until the end Ch.097 I'm begging you don't leave me Ch.098 Extra (1) - Meeting in Europe Ch.099 Extra (2) - Agreement Ch.113 Vol. 2 Ch. 13 - The haughty Lianlian gives me his cloak Ch.114 Vol. 2 Ch. 14 - The prince gets beat up Ch.115 Vol. 2 Ch. 15 - Recognizing each other Ch.116 Vol. 2 Ch. 16 - Entering the dream Ch.117 Vol. 2 Ch. 17 - Midnight meeting 3 Ch.118 2-18 Something's not right with Lianlian! Ch.119 Ch.120 Ch.121 Vol. 2 Ch. 21 - I don't need a reason to bully you Ch.122 Vol. 2 Ch. 22 - Love comes at a price Ch.123 Vol. 2 Ch. 23 - Is his memory back?! Ch.124 Vol. 2 Ch. 24 - Concealing the truth Ch.125 Being with you is happiness Ch.126 2-26 Apathy Ch.127 2-27 Summoned to the palace Ch.128 2-28 He didn't plan on taking me?! Ch.129 Aren't you forgetting something! (Vol.2 Chapter 29) Ch.130 Respiration (Vol.2 Chapter 30) Ch.131 You really dislike me that much? Ch.132 Hostage (Vol.2 Chapter 32) Ch.133 2-33 Uninhabited island Ch.134 2-34 Uncle, who are you? Ch.135 2-34.5 My jinyiwei comes home again Ch.136 2-35 You can't like someone else! Ch.137 2-36 Nightmare Ch.138 2-37 Getting married Ch.139 2-38 Declining
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