Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome

Ch.306 Someone You Must Protect

Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 Ch.004 A man Ch.005 My first love Ch.006 A hurdle too high Ch.007 A cute person Ch.008 A liberal manager Ch.009 Just the two of us Ch.010 Your name. Ch.011 Good manners, good friends Ch.012 Completely forgotten Ch.013 As a man Ch.014 We're both weird after all Ch.015 First day as a bodyguard Ch.016 Centre of attention Ch.017 The strenght of a man Ch.018 Healing Power Ch.019 The love in her eyes Ch.020 Bidirectional problem Ch.021 That would be the case Ch.022 Not good dealing with men Ch.023 In plain sight Ch.024 I'm always watching over you Ch.025 Needs further consideration Ch.026 Damsel in distress Ch.027 The root of the problem Ch.028 Could it be those two are...? Ch.029 Turmoil Ch.030 Something important Ch.030.5 Extra - A morning on the train of a girl who hates men. Ch.031 It's not for me Ch.032 A secret love Ch.033 An unexpected couple Ch.034 Zero distance. Ch.035 Skinship between guys Ch.036 Crossdressing applicant Ch.037 The path of crossdress Ch.038 That's cheating Ch.039 Professionalism Ch.040 Incursion Ch.041 Only an instant Ch.042 Where is the boy? Ch.043 Not ready yet~! Ch.044 It's fine as long as you're a girl. Ch.045 A maiden's reactione Ch.046 It moved on its own Ch.047 Is that my talent(power)? Ch.048 From the shadows Ch.049 Your smile Ch.050 Best friend's feelings. (Part 1) Ch.051 Best friend's feelings. (Part 2) Ch.052 Don't say it! Ch.053 Boy's talk. (Part 1) Ch.054 Boy's talk. (Part 1) Ch.055 Becoming aware Ch.056 Didn't cross your mind? Ch.057 Points of view Ch.058 Cosmetics date Ch.059 What it means to "like"... Ch.060 Like and Love Ch.061 It's not that I don't think about it. Ch.062 Dressing up Ch.062.5 Twitter extra 1 - Tissues Ch.063 Appropiate age Ch.064 First date (?) Ch.065 That hand of yours... Ch.066 A simple question. Ch.067 A serious establishment Ch.068 Ch.069 Missed SOS call Ch.070 Without bad intention Ch.071 A beautiful Mayu Ch.072 Daisy & Rose Ch.073 A sensitive eulogy Ch.074 Gestaltzerfall Ch.075 In the end, gave up Ch.076 Feels like autumn Ch.077 You have to take the stairs. Ch.078 A beautiful view of the sea from the bridge Ch.079 The usual you. Ch.080 Unseeable feelings Ch.081 Today at Freedom's Ch.082 Way home Ch.083 The color of you. Ch.084 Mom saw it Ch.085 Vol.1 Ch.85 It's not even indirect Ch.086 These feelings Ch.087 Ch.088 Fujieda Kei's reminiscence (Part 2) Ch.089 Fujieda Kei's reminiscence (Part 3) Ch.090 The perks of having a childhood friend Ch.091 A feminine side Ch.092 A traumatic past Ch.093 Feelings unable to reach Ch.094 Keen-eyed person Ch.095 Precisely because it's him Ch.096 Lack of girl power Ch.097 Encounter Ch.097.1 Ch.098 That voice is... Ch.099 Sad, isn't it? Ch.100 That's it! Ch.101 Asking Kei for a favor Ch.102 Eavesdrop Ch.103 Let's go to my house Ch.104 If you put it that way Ch.105 A serious problem Ch.106 Shooting yourself in the foot Ch.107 Curious Ch.108 Appointment Ch.109 In his own clothes Ch.110 A promising alumni Ch.111 Found out? Ch.112 Cleaning Ch.113 Revelations Ch.114 Putting the cart before the horse Ch.115 Ba-dump ba-dump Ch.116 Kei's sweets cooking class Ch.117 Finished product Ch.118 Thank you for everything. Ch.119 Gratefulness Ch.120 I'm glad I met you Ch.120.1 Twitter Extras & Art Ch.120.2 A story of what seemed to be a Yuri couple, today somewhere downtown. Ch.120.5 Ch.121 Ch.122 First Shrine Visit with Everyone Ch.123 Looking Them Both Ch.123.5 Ch.124 Wrong Hand Ch.124.5 Ch.125 Lost Mayu Ch.126 You're Not Mistaken Ch.127 Aware of Her Own Weaknesses Ch.128 Memories Ch.129 Something I Can't Say Ch.130 Contact Unavailable Ch.131 Sudden Proposal Ch.132 Ch.133 Keep Going Ch.134 Best in the World Ch.135 Ch.136 Ch.137 Ch.138 Ch.139 Ch.140 Ch.141 Ch.142 Ch.143 Ch.144 Over Familiar Exchange Ch.145 First Shrine Visit Ever Ch.146 Sleeping on His Lap Ch.147 Carried as a… Ch.148 Because I Can Depend on You Ch.149 One Wish More Ch.150 Is It Fine to Leave It like This? Ch.151 Each and Every One Ch.152 When It Really Matters Ch.153 Numbness Ch.154 Just Barely Ch.155 First Morning of the New Term Ch.156 Suddenly, the Final Boss! Ch.157 That Kind of Face Ch.158 A Misleading Reaction Ch.159 A Cruel Choice Ch.160 It Wasn't Really That Misleading Ch.161 Who? Ch.162 Armed with a Manual Ch.163 ‘Twas the Night Before Valentine’s Ch.164 Happy Valentine's Ch.165 I Get Confused Sometimes Ch.166 Little by Little Ch.167 Mayu Remembered Her Service Smile Ch.168 The You in the Library Ch.169 A Cruel Choice Ch.170 A Natural Greeting Ch.171 Her True Smile Ch.172 Troublesome People Ch.173 Fear Ch.174 Be Quiet in the Library Ch.175 Conflict Ch.176 One Cup of Her Smile Ch.177 Ch.178  I Didn't Notice Ch.179 I'm Not Okay Ch.180 Childhood Friends Ch.181 Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome Ch.182 A Very Good Friend Ch.185 I Want to See Ch.186 You Ch.187 I Came to See You Ch.188 If You're Relieved Ch.189 Hug Ch.190 Trying My Luck Ch.191 Something Essential Was Left Out Ch.192 Can't Say It with This Mood Ch.193 Pushed Too Hard Ch.194 White Day Special Ch.195 More Importantly, It Seems Fun Ch.196 Somehow, I Figured as Much Ch.197 Why I Can't Say It Ch.198 We're Friends Ch.199 It Won't Be Easy Ch.200 An Otokonoko Made by Man Ch.201 Kei-sensei's Acting Lesson Ch.202 A Real Impact Ch.203 Even While You're Like This Ch.204 Old Habits Die Hard Ch.205 Your Eyes Aren't Smiling Ch.206 Probably a Taboo Ch.207 That Maid Café Ch.208 Mom, Don't Come Ch.209 The Size is a Bit... Ch.210 Talk in the Meantime Ch.211 Found Out Ch.212 Just a Hobby Ch.213 Circumstances Ch.214 A Mother's Intuition Ch.215 Since I'll Protect Her Ch.216 From Now on as Well Ch.217 First Time Being Hugged Ch.218 A Lovely Boy...? Ch.219 Next Door Ch.220 The Situation at the Fujieda's Ch.221 I want you as my wife Ch.222 Sorry About That Ch.223 Rather than "Love Rival" Ch.224 Decided Not to Rush Things Ch.225 If You're Free Ch.226 I’m Not Saying I Won’t Go Ch.227 Adults Cannot Be Trusted Ch.228 Something Other Than Yourself Ch.229 Letter Ch.230 Becoming Conscious Ch.231 Library and Amusement Park Ch.232 Ch.233 We're at School, Cut it Out Ch.234 Nephew Ch.235 The Devil's Reaching Hand Ch.236 Plans for Spring Break Ch.237 Ch.238 Graduating Students Ch.239 Little by Little, but Even So... Ch.240 Spring Ch.240.1 Ch.240.5 Ch.241 Daydream Ch.242 The Distressed Crossdresser Ch.243  Skirts Ch.245 Not in My Skill Set Ch.246  Someone to Consult Ch.248 Was I Wrong? Ch.250 Pointing the Finger of Suspicion Ch.251 The Plan for the Day After Tomorrow Ch.252 Ch.253 Ch.254 There's No Rush Ch.255 A Popular Spot Ch.256 The Jitters Ch.257 Ch.258 Nothing Else to Say Ch.259 Since I'm Your Bodyguard Ch.260 The One Having the Most Fun After All Ch.261 The Meddlesome Sister Ch.262 He Changed, Right? Ch.263 After That Day Ch.264 The Tormented Brother Ch.265 Pigeons! Ch.266 The Two Going Out Ch.268 You're Not Scared? Ch.269 Ch.274 An Expression I've Never Seen Ch.275 Can't Remember Ch.276 Pray for Good Luck Ch.277 Near Miss Ch.278 About Earlier... Ch.280 That's All Ch.281 That's... Ch.282 One Step Forward Ch.283 At That Time, I... Ch.284 Trouble Ch.285 Don't Look at Me! Ch.286 Calm Down Ch.287 Don't Cry Ch.288 Accidental Memories Ch.289 From Then On Ch.291 We're Just Acquantainces Ch.292 In the Words of My Boss Ch.298 That's Not Food Ch.300 Start with Whisking Ch.303 Confession Ch.304 At This Rate Ch.306 Someone You Must Protect Ch.307 The One That Changed Her Ch.308 Whether or Not You Change Ch.309 I Can’t Let It Go Ch.310 Fighting's No Good Ch.311 New School Year Ch.312 What Did You Do Over the Break? Ch.315 I Can't Keep Going on Like This Ch.320 I Like That Character Ch.324 Playful Devil Ch.325 Do You Know Each Other? Ch.326 Lil Crybaby Ch.327 It's Complicated Ch.328 Handing Out Tissues Ch.329 Found Out? Ch.330 I'm Surprised, But... Ch.331 Refute Denial Ch.334 What Really Matters Ch.335 Don't Complicate Things Ch.337 I've Been Thinking of Saying It Ch.338 The Shape of Love Ch.341 New Menu Ch.342 Tasting Before Opening Ch.343 Another Reason Ch.346 Would You... Ch.347 I'm Sorry Ch.351 Are You Not Going to Confess? Ch.353 I Don't Have the Confidence Ch.354 I Said It out Loud. Ch.355 Bestseller Ch.356 At the Local Supermarket Ch.357 That Concern Ch.358 I Borrowed It Ch.359 Something's Clear Ch.360 Right Now, I... Ch.360.1 Ch.361 Increased Thermal Sensation Ch.362 It- It's Not Like I Was Looking for Him Ch.363 Cold Meeting Ch.364 You Were Acting Kinda Awkward Ch.365 Looming Reality Ch.366 Various Reasons Ch.367 High Tension Ch.368 Summer Cold Ch.369 I'll Be Right There Ch.370 Without Thinking Ch.371 I Didn't Mean It That Way Ch.372 Forecasting Ch.373 The Fever Has Risen Ch.374 Are You Sleeping? Ch.375 Sleep Talking Ch.376 Don't Go! Ch.377 So He Doesn't Feel Lonely Ch.378 Ch.379 Ch.380 Don't Overdo Yourself Ch.381 There's Plenty of That Already Ch.382 No Progress Ch.383 Bestseller Author Ch.384 I'm Something of a Maiden Boy Myself Ch.385 He Was a Nice Person Ch.386 A Visitor Ch.387 What Do You Want? Ch.388 I Can Take Care of That Ch.389 Do You Speak English? Ch.390 Take Your Time Ch.391 30 Minutes Ch.392 I Can't Forgive Ch.393 That Girl, Now Ch.394 Finally Ch.395 Goodbye Ch.396 You Did Mean That Ch.397 Walked By Ch.398 Revived Ch.399 To The Sea Ch.400 Maids Ch.401 Boss's Switch Ch.402 Is There Any Problem? Ch.403 Everyone's a Master Ch.404 Special Skill Ch.405 Touching His Hand Ch.406 Girl's Talk Ch.407 Naturally Ch.408 Ch.409 Ch.410 Ch.411 Secret Ch.412 Silhouette Ch.413 She Hasn't Come Back? Ch.414 Incident Ch.415 Ch.416 Ch.417 I'm Sorry for the Problems Ch.418 Special Workplace Ch.419 A Man Who Never Learns Ch.420 My Dear Ch.421 Boys Room Ch.422 Girls Room Ch.423 The Sea Ch.424 The Usual Ch.425 Went for a Swim Ch.426 Youngsters Ch.427 Love Master Ch.428 Passenger Seat Ch.429 Sudden Love Talk Ch.430 Looking Ahead Ch.431 How Many Dates? Ch.432 Imagination Ch.433 Mentally Prepared Ch.434 The Other Me Ch.435 Because I Met You Ch.436 What You Gave Me Ch.437 Unexpectedv Ch.438 In the Fountain Ch.439 Shelter Ch.440 An Unusual Couple Ch.441 Prince Dress Ch.442 Just Be Yourself Ch.443 Princess Ch.444 Cherish and Love Ch.445 Ch.446 Ch.447 Ch.448 Ch.449 Ch.450 Ch.451 Ch.452 Ch.453 Ch.454 Ch.455 Ch.456 Ch.457 Ch.458 Ch.459 Ch.460 Ch.461 Ch.462 Ch.463 Ch.464 Ch.465 Ch.466 Ch.467 Ch.468 Ch.469 Ch.470 Ch.471 Ch.472 Ch.473 Ch.474 Ch.475 Ch.475.5 Ch.476 Ch.477 Ch.478 Ch.479 Ch.480 Ch.481 Ch.482 Ch.483 Ch.484 Ch.485 Ch.486 Ch.487 Ch.488 Ch.489 Ch.490 Ch.491 Ch.492 Ch.493 Ch.494 Ch.495 I Thought Nothing Would Ever Change Ch.496 The One Who Never Noticed Ch.497 Embarrassing Side Ch.498 Seeing the Fireworks Ch.499 On the Other Side of the Phone Ch.500 At the Park Ch.501 At the Count of Three Ch.502 Looking Back Ch.503 Dummy Ch.504 Even So Ch.505 I Won't Give Up Ch.506 Evaluation Meeting Ch.507 You Don't Need a Bodyguard Ch.508 Starting Today Ch.509 Unexpected Ch.510 Of Course Ch.511 Seen From the Outside Ch.512 Information Overload in the New Semester Ch.513 Not That Drastic Ch.514 Transfer Student Ch.515 Interrogation Ch.515.5 Question Attacc Ch.516 You've Got a Friend in Me Ch.517 An Idea Ch.518 Overcoming Ch.519 The Usual Four Ch.520 Strategy Meeting Ch.521 Incomprehensible Ch.522 Start by Appearances Ch.523 Showy Style Ch.524 After All, I'm... Ch.525 Blending In Ch.526 Ch.527 Have You Gotten Used to School Yet? Ch.528 Be Yourself Ch.529 Like a Japanese Ch.530 Towards the Culture Festival Ch.531 Have I Fit Well? Ch.532 I Can't Breathe Ch.533 Lunchtime Ch.534 I Remember Ch.535 I Didn't Notice Ch.536 Hard Times Ch.537 Different Ch.538 So, Next Time... Ch.539 Freedom to Choose Ch.540 Butler vs. Maid Ch.541 Jackpot! Ch.542 Budgetary Issues Ch.543 Protagonist Ch.544 Professional Misdeeds Ch.545 It Isn't Crossdressing Ch.546 Breaktime Ch.547 A Maid's Seriousness Ch.548 No Time to Relax Ch.549 Proud Boyfriend Ch.550 Ch.551 Ch.552 Ch.553 Ch.554 Weak Ch.555 I Love You Ch.556 Ch.557 Ch.558 Ch.559 Ch.560 Ch.561 Ch.562 Ch.563 Ch.564 Ch.565 Ch.566 Ch.567 Ch.568 Ch.569 Ch.570 Ch.571 Ch.572 Ch.573 Ch.574 Ch.575 Ch.576 Ch.577 Ch.578 Ch.579 Ch.580 Ch.581 Ch.582 Ch.583 Ch.588.5 Ch.589 Ch.590 Ch.591 Ch.592 Ch.593 Ch.594 Ch.595 Ch.596 Ch.597 Ch.598 Ch.599 Ch.600 Ch.601 Ch.602 Ch.603 Ch.604
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