Vol.15 Ch.146 Omake Psyren Bangaihen (End)

Vol.01 Ch.001 Urban Myth Vol.01 Ch.002 Paradise Vol.01 Ch.003 Danger Zone Vol.01 Ch.004 The Forbidden Human, Alfred Vol.01 Ch.005 Spectacle Vol.01 Ch.006 The Will To Live Vol.01 Ch.007 Payback Vol.02 Ch.008 The Arrival Vol.02 Ch.009 His and Her Circumstances Vol.02 Ch.010 Matsuri's Story Vol.02 Ch.011 Beginner's Circle Vol.02 Ch.012 Her Room Vol.02 Ch.013 Question [Q] Vol.02 Ch.014 Summoned Once Again Vol.02 Ch.015 The Gathering Vol.02 Ch.016 The Ravenous Worm Vol.03 Ch.017 Tatsuo Vol.03 Ch.018 My Turn Vol.03 Ch.019 A Shattered Mind Vol.03 Ch.020 Battle Plan Vol.03 Ch.021 Decoy Vol.03 Ch.022 Dragon Vol.03 Ch.023 Destruction Vol.03 Ch.024 Recovery Vol.03 Ch.025 I'll Make It Home Vol.04 Ch.026 Moving On Vol.04 Ch.027 Rise Vol.04 Ch.028 "Melchsee's Door" Vol.04 Ch.029 The Children Of Elmore Wood Vol.04 Ch.030 Captivating child's play Vol.04 Ch.031 "Training camp" Vol.04 Ch.032 The Third Trip (fixed) Vol.04 Ch.033 Shelter Vol.04 Ch.034 News Vol.04 Ch.035 Seed of destruction Vol.05 Ch.036 The will to Fight Vol.05 Ch.037 W.I.S.E. Vol.05 Ch.038 Escape Vol.05 Ch.039 Trance Vol.05 Ch.040 Experiment Vol.05 Ch.041 Visions Vol.05 Ch.042 Program Vol.05 Ch.043 Melchsee VS Explosia Vol.05 Ch.044 Star Commander Vol.06 Ch.045 Summer Skies Vol.06 Ch.046 Gag Order Vol.06 Ch.047 Q Vol.06 Ch.048 Three-man Team Vol.06 Ch.049 Writing on the Wall Vol.06 Ch.050 Flame Vol.06 Ch.051 Pyro Queen Vol.06 Ch.052 Mind's Eye Vol.06 Ch.053 Pain Vol.07 Ch.054 Brothers Vol.07 Ch.055 Miroku Vol.07 Ch.056 In the Hospital Vol.07 Ch.057 Revised 12/2 Vol.07 Ch.058 Revised - 12/2 (2) Vol.07 Ch.059 Vanish Vol.07 Ch.060 Letting Go Vol.07 Ch.061 Invitation Vol.07 Ch.062 Compensation Vol.08 Ch.063 Hopeless Vol.08 Ch.064 Light Vol.08 Ch.065 ELMORE WOOD Vol.08 Ch.066 The Warriors Vol.08 Ch.067 Root Vol.08 Ch.068 The Day Of Rebirth (1) Vol.08 Ch.069 The Day Of Rebirth (2) Vol.08 Ch.070 The Day Of Rebirth (3) Vol.08 Ch.071 SOS Vol.10 Ch.072 Mukurojima Vol.10 Ch.073 Fabricated Empire Vol.10 Ch.074 Brain Beasts Vol.10 Ch.075 The Vibrant Island Vol.10 Ch.076 Home Vol.10 Ch.077 Disc Vol.10 Ch.078 Cage Vol.10 Ch.079 Left Hand Vol.10 Ch.080 Smile Vol.11 Ch.081 Meeting Vol.11 Ch.082 Memory Vol.11 Ch.083 Apathy Vol.11 Ch.084 Hiryu Vol.11 Ch.085 Runaway Vol.11 Ch.086 Each Sky Vol.11 Ch.087 Family Vol.11 Ch.088 Father And Child Vol.11 Ch.089 Amamiya Vol.12 Ch.090 Harukaze Academy Vol.12 Ch.091 Riko Vol.12 Ch.092 Demon Vol.12 Ch.093 Friend #1 Vol.12 Ch.094 The Two Test Subjects Vol.12 Ch.095 The Sun Vol.12 Ch.096 The King Of Life Vol.12 Ch.097 The Uroboros Asteroid. Vol.12 Ch.098 Grigori's Survivor Vol.13 Ch.099 Regret Vol.13 Ch.100 To The Research Laboratory Vol.13 Ch.101 Virus Vol.13 Ch.102 Poison Moths Vol.13 Ch.103 Pincer Maneuver Vol.13 Ch.104 Switch Vol.13 Ch.105 Abyss Vol.13 Ch.106 Blood and Perseverance Vol.13 Ch.107 Death Vol.14 Ch.108 The Witching Hour Vol.14 Ch.109 Doki Doki Vol.14 Ch.110 Trio Vol.14 Ch.111 Massive Vol.14 Ch.112 Survival Vol.14 Ch.113 Inflitration Vol.14 Ch.114 Killing Machine Vol.14 Ch.115 Diver Vol.14 Ch.116 Scourge Vol.15 Ch.117 The Burning Up Vol.15 Ch.118 The Roar Vol.15 Ch.119 Retribution Vol.15 Ch.120 Descending Vol.15 Ch.121 The God Sword Vol.15 Ch.122 Nova Vol.15 Ch.123 Sun Vol.15 Ch.124 The Sky Tree Vol.15 Ch.125 The Night Before the Decisive War Vol.15 Ch.126 Hand Held Vol.15 Ch.127 Life's meaning Vol.15 Ch.128 The Siren Vol.15 Ch.129 The Last Sun Vol.15 Ch.130 Fusion Vol.15 Ch.131 Time to switch Vol.15 Ch.132 Other Half Vol.15 Ch.133 Sorry I Kept You Waiting Vol.15 Ch.134 Requiem Vol.15 Ch.135 Sheep Wolves Vol.15 Ch.136 Siblings Vol.15 Ch.137 Sun And Moon Vol.15 Ch.138 Reverse Vol.15 Ch.139 Collapse Vol.15 Ch.140 Release Vol.15 Ch.141 The Promised Tears Vol.15 Ch.142 The Crown Vol.15 Ch.143 The Path Vol.15 Ch.144 Live Vol.15 Ch.145 Last Call Vol.15 Ch.146 Omake Psyren Bangaihen (End)
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