Samon-kun wa Summoner

Ch.083.5 Extra Chapter

Ch.001 Samon-kun hates me Ch.002 Samon-kun is a "bad" person? Ch.003 Samon-kun laughs Ch.004 Samon is Judged Ch.005 Samon-kun and the Grunts Ch.006 Samon-kun is a Sellout Ch.007 Samon-kun Feels the Earth Ch.008 Samon-kun Doesn’t Like Bitter Things Ch.009 Samon-kun Blows Up Ch.010 Blow up, Samon-kun Ch.011 Samon-kun performs CPR Ch.012 Samon-kun Matures Bit by Bit Ch.013 Ch.014 Samon-Kun waits about 3 hours for a girl to dress up Ch.015 Samon-Kun's grip was just bad Ch.016 You don't wanna make Samon-kun an enemy Ch.017 Samon-kun thinks highly of himself Ch.018 Samon-kun is the heart Ch.019 Samon-kun dances with misfortune Ch.020 Samon-kun was motivated. Ch.021 Samon-kun likes Dong Zhuo From the Three Kingdom Ch.022 Samon-kun Is Guilty Ch.023 Ch.024 Ch.025 Samon-kun Burns in Silence Ch.026 Samon-kun Does Not Talk About His Past Ch.027 Samon-kun Has As Much Attack Power As A Piece of Trash Ch.028 Samon-kun Is Shoubou Ch.029 Samon-kun Doesn't Drink Alcohol Ch.030 Samon-kun Is The Wizard of Oz Ch.031 Samon-kun's Face Looks Hideous When He's Begging For His Life Ch.032 Samon-kun, Turn Back Ch.033 Samon-kun Is A Senpai Ch.034 Samon-kun Looks Like He’ll Die Soon Ch.035 Ch.036 Samon-kun Tramples On The Hopes of the Nation Ch.037 Samon-kun Watches Vigilantly for Physical Contact Ch.038 Samon-kun Likes Final Fantasy Tactics Ch.039 Samon-kun Has a Lovely Hobby Ch.039.5 Jump GIGA Extra Chapter Ch.040 Samon-kun Continues To Be A Fatass Ch.041 Samon-kun Couldn't Care Less Ch.042 Samon-kun, On The Other Hand, Has An Unnatural Silhouette. And He's ... Ch.043 Samon-kun Thought, "Your Clothes Also Look a Little Like Puddin... Ch.044 Samon-kun Is Embarrassed Ch.045 Samon-kun's Goal is to Break Up With His Girlfriend Ch.046 Samon-kun Destroys An Idol Ch.047 Samon-kun Can't Even Get Past the Warped Wall Ch.048 Samon-kun Is Samosshi Ch.049 Samon-kun Does it in Other People's Houses Ch.050 Samon-kun Is The Heel Ch.051 Samon-kun Leans Back Ch.052 Samon-kun Has Already Had A Year Ch.053 Samon-kun's Patience Has a Limit Ch.054 Samon-Kun Finds it Important to Rest Ch.055 Samon-kun Knows Ch.056 For Samon-kun, It's Been A Long Time Ch.057 Samon-kun Is A Person Who Strives Ch.058 Samon-kun Follows Ch.059 Ch.060 Ch.061 Ch.062 Ch.063 Samon-kun Is Crazier Than He Thought Ch.064 Samon-kun Wants To Be Of Help Ch.065 Samon-kun Likes Anri-san Ch.066 Samon-kun is the Easiest in the City Ch.067 Ch.068 Ch.069 Ch.070 Ch.072 Ch.074 Ch.075 Ch.076 Ch.077 Ch.078 Ch.079 Ch.080 Ch.081 Ch.082 Ch.083 At That Time I… Ch.083.5 Extra Chapter
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