Shokugeki no Soma

Ch.019 Sparking Soul

Ch.000 One Shot Ch.001 The Endless Wilderness Ch.001.5 Ch.002 God's Tongue Ch.003 "Transforming" Furikake Ch.004 The Demon King Talks About "Gems" Ch.004.5 Kurase-san's Diary + Recipe 1 Ch.005 The Chef That Doesn't Smile Ch.006 Maria of the Polar Star Ch.007 Lawless Area Ch.008 A Dish that Calls for Spring Ch.009 The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm Ch.010 The Meat Invader Ch.011 The Night Before The Showdown Ch.012 Enter the Battlefield Ch.013 Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don Ch.014 Megumi's Garden Ch.014.5 v.2 c.Extra Ch.015 Friction and Elite Ch.016 Concerto of Ideas and Creation Ch.016.5 Vol 3 Extras and Recipes Ch.017 The Coating that Colors the Mountain Ch.018 The Seed of Ideas Ch.019 Sparking Soul Ch.020 Verdict Ch.021 The Supreme Recette Ch.022 Alumni Ch.023 Proof of Existence Ch.024 The Magician That Came From The East Ch.025 Those Remnants Ch.026 Memories of a Dish Ch.027 The Bitterness of Defeat Ch.028 Everyone Must Not Fall Asleep Ch.029 The Eggs Before Dawn Ch.030 A Set Trap Ch.031 Metamorphose Ch.032 Dancing Cook Ch.033 To the People that will Eventually Fight Ch.034 The Fate Surrounding Tootsuki Ch.035 Sensual Karaage (1) Ch.035.5 Side Story Mid-summer's Nikumi-san Ch.036 Sensual Kaarage (2) Ch.037 Sensual Karaage (3) Ch.038 Sensual Karaage (4) Ch.039 The Chosen Ones Ch.040 Return Ch.041 The Man Who Was Called An "Asura" Ch.042 Wake Up Kiss Ch.043 The Cook Who Has Travelled Thousands of Miles Ch.044 An Unexpected Straight Ch.045 The Accompanist of Aromas and Stimuli Ch.046 The Dragon Lies Down and then Ascends to the Sky Ch.047 Battle Memories Ch.048 The Known Unknown Ch.049 Wolf Pack Ch.050 Those Beyond Ordinary Ch.051 The Witch's Dinning Table Ch.052 Those Who Serve the Best Ch.052.5 Natsuyumi no Erina Ch.053 The Man Who Came From A Cold Country Ch.054 A Recital of Blossoming Individuals Ch.055 A Hole Drilled With Knowledge Ch.056 Tuscan Moon Ch.056.5 Battle Memories Ch.056.6 extra Ch.057 Her Memories Ch.058 Holy Aroma Ch.059 Their Respective Weapons Ch.060 The Warriors' Banquet Ch.061 Putting Your Heart Into It Ch.062 A Meeting of Strong People Ch.063 Plan Ch.064 On the Edge Ch.065 The Theory of Bento Evolution Ch.066 What Fills That Box Ch.067 Blending Light And Shadow Ch.068 The "Port City" Match Ch.069 The Kitchen's Dictator Ch.070 Polar Opposites Ch.071 "Courage" and "Resolution" Ch.072 The "Jewels" Generation Ch.073 Minding The Details Ch.074 Sensitive Monster Ch.075 Beneath the Mask Ch.076 Duel Etiquette Ch.077 Pursuer Ch.078 A Paper-thin Difference Between Offense and Defense Ch.079 The Last "Card" Ch.080 The Conditions for the Challenge Ch.081 The Observer Arrives Ch.082 Starting Line Ch.083 The Chaser And the Chased Ch.084 Hidden Assignment Ch.085 The First Bite's Secret Ch.085.1 Ch.085.2 Ch.086 Garniture Ch.087 Secret Plan Ch.088 Dream Land Ch.089 Morning Will Come Again Ch.090 Iron Will, Heart of Steel Ch.091 Beasts Eating Each Other Ch.092 Firestarter Ch.093 The "Sword" that Announces Autumn Ch.094 Seizing The Season Ch.095 A Batttle Surrounding The "Season" Ch.096 The Answer He Reached Ch.096.1 The Answer He Reached (Full Color) Ch.097 Moonlight Memories Ch.097.1 Moonlight Memories (Full Color) Ch.098 The "Things" They've Accumulated Ch.098.1 The "Things" They've Accumulated (Full Color) Ch.099 A Fang to Spearhead the Attack Ch.100 A Sharp Point Ch.101 A Fine Tempered Sword Ch.102 Souma's Strength Ch.103 Specialty Ch.104 New "Jewel" Ch.104.1 New "Jewel" (Full Color) Ch.105 Stagiaire Ch.106 A Busy Restaurant with Many Problems Ch.107 Ideal Distance Ch.107.1 Ideal Distance (Full Color) Ch.108 Choosing A Path Ch.109 Those Who Shed Light Ch.110 El regreso del Mago Ch.111 Course Menu Ch.112 The Guidepost for Growth Ch.113 Forgotten Vegetables(Fixed) Ch.114 Yukihira (Revamped) Ch.115 Tear Through Ch.116 The Fruit of Progress(fixed) Ch.116.1 Full Color Ch.116.5 A Magnificent Banquet Ch.117 Imposingly Ch.117.1 Like a Boss(Full Color Version) Ch.117.3 Betsubara #3 Ch.118 Tootsuki Elite Ten Ch.118.1 Full Color Ch.119 The Distance from the Elite Ten Ch.119.1 Full Color Ch.120 What Is It!!? Ch.120.1 Full Color Ch.121 Spicy Flavor Worship Ch.121.1 Full Color Ch.122 MÁ and LÀ Ch.122.1 Full Color Ch.123 Without Fearing Spiciness Ch.123.1 Full Color Ch.124 Singing the School Anthem in Unison Ch.124.1 Full Color Ch.125 Moon Banquet Festival Ch.125.1 Full Color Ch.125.5 Isobe monogatari x Shokugeki no soma Ch.126 Great Stall Operation! Ch.126.1 Full Color Ch.127 Moonlight Whispers Ch.127.1 Full Color Ch.128 Blind Spot Ch.128.1 Full Color Ch.129 Lion and Lion Ch.129.1 Full Color Ch.130 A Pride of Young Lions Ch.130.1 Full Color Ch.130.3 Recipe Book Special Ch.130.4 Betsubara #4 Ch.131 Waiting Impatiently For That Person Ch.131.1 Full Color Ch.132 The First Seat's Power Ch.132.1 Full Color Ch.133 The Clouded Table Ch.133.1 Full Color Ch.133.2 Vol 14 Extras Ch.134 Dark Clouds Cover the Moon Ch.134.1 Full Color Ch.135 The Nakiri Bloodline Ch.136 The Captive Queen Ch.137 Lampight of Hope Ch.138 Erina Goes To The Polar Star Dorm Ch.138.1 Full Color Ch.139 Crumbling Academy Ch.139.1 Full Color Ch.140 Example (Casanova) Ch.141 Memories Ch.142 Extreme Foul Play Ch.143 The Battle Has Begun Ch.144 The True Strength of the Alquimista Ch.145 True Gastronomy Ch.146 Hidden Flavor Ch.147 The Counterattack Begins! Ch.147.1 Full Color Ch.148 Triumphant Return Ch.148.1 Full Color Ch.149 Heaven and Hell Ch.149.1 Full Color Ch.149.2 Volume 16 Extras Ch.150 Board Game Ch.151 The Outbreak of War Ch.152 Reconnaissance Ch.153 The Venue of Death Ch.154 With Fangs Bared Ch.155 Maximum Output Ch.156 Absolute Thermal Sense Ch.157 The Salmon Dances Ch.157.1 Vol 17 Extras Ch.158 That Difference Ch.159 Growth Ch.160 Alice's Feelings Ch.161 Contest Ch.162 I Ch.162.1 Self ( Full Color ) Ch.163 The One Who Aims For The Summit Ch.163.1 Full Color Ch.164 Master and Disciple Ch.164.1 Full Color Ch.165 Two Faces Ch.165.1 Full Color Ch.166 Overpower Ch.166.1 Full Color Ch.166.2 Volume 18 Extras Ch.167 Familiar and Forlorn Faces Ch.167.1 Full Color Ch.168 The Day They Met (MS) Ch.168.1 Full Color Ch.169 Revenge Ch.169.1 Full Color Ch.170 Frozen Feelings (MS Ver.) Ch.170.1 Full Color Ch.171 Follow Me Ch.171.1 Full Color Ch.172 Now, To the Fields of Battle! Ch.172.1 Full Color Ch.173 Inequality (MS Ver.) Ch.173.1 Full Color Ch.174 Time-Traveling Salmon (MS Ver.) Ch.174.1 Full Color Ch.175 The Tootsuki Train Moves On Ch.175.1 Full Color Ch.175.2 Vol. 19 Extras Ch.176 Mischief on a Snowy Day Ch.177 Joan of Arc Rising (MS) Ch.177.1 Full Color Ch.177.2 Betsubara #6 Ch.178 The Shining City (MS Ver.) Ch.178.1 Full Color Ch.179 Opponent (MS) Ch.180 Revenge Match Ch.180.1 Full Color Ch.180.2 Betsubara #7 Ch.181 Be Ingenious with Bear Meat! Ch.181.1 Full Color Ch.181.2 Vol. 20 Extras Ch.182 Birth of a New Elite Ten Ch.183 A New Approach Ch.184 Debt Ch.184.1 Jump GIGA vol.3 Special Project!! Ch.184.2 Full Color Ch.184.3 Vol. 21 Extras Ch.185 Rematch with a Rival Ch.185.5 Omake Ch.186 Walking the Tightrope of Deliciousness Ch.187 Burst Forth, Mincemeat Katsu! Ch.188 The First Round (Fixed) Ch.189 The Second Round Ch.190 For Someone's Sake Ch.191 After the Heated Battle Ch.192 Wild Dance (Fixed) Ch.192.1 Full Color Ch.193 Declaration Of War Ch.193.1 Full Color Ch.194 Compensation Ch.195 He Who Opened A Path Through The Wasteland Ch.196 He Who Leads The Charge Ch.197 He Who Is Covered In Scars Ch.198 He Who Used Up All His Strength Ch.198.1 Vol. 22 Extras Ch.199 Souma's Strength Ch.200 Special Training Begins! Ch.201 Takumi's Tenacity Ch.202 Erina's True Studies Ch.203 Re-Realization Ch.204 The Tenth Seat's Resolve Ch.205 The Creator of Happiness Ch.206 Welcome to the Site of the Decisive Battle Ch.207 Bad Luck Ch.207.1 Vol. 23 Extras Ch.208 Feet Planted on the Ground Ch.209 How the Drop-Outs Live Ch.210 The Rotten Bonds of East and West Ch.211 Absolutely Fair Judges Ch.212 Ch.213 Ch.213.1 Vol. 24 Extras Ch.214 Ch.215 Thick Is Justice Ch.216 The Polar Star Dorm on His Shoulders Ch.217 Ch.218 2nd BOUT Ch.219 Ch.220 Ch.221 The Battle of Spicy Tastes Ch.222 What They Want To Protect Ch.223 Beyond the Field Ch.223.1 Vol. 25 Extras Ch.224 The Strobe Light Flashes Ch.225 Steadfast Bushido Ch.226 Ch.227 The Outcome Of The Second Bout Ch.228 Solidarity of Hope Ch.229 Ch.229.1 Vol. 26 Extras Ch.230 Ch.231 Ch.232 Ch.233 Proof of Growth Ch.234 Ch.235 Ch.236 Ch.237 Ch.238 The Queen's Tart Ch.239 Ch.240 Ch.241 A Warrior's Honor Ch.242 Ch.243 Ch.244 Ch.245 Ch.246 Ch.247 Ch.248 Ch.249 Ch.250 Ch.251 Ch.252 Final Battle Ch.253 Ch.254 Ch.255 Ch.256 Ch.257 Ch.258 Ch.259 Ch.260 Ch.261 Ch.262 Ch.263 Ch.264 Ch.265 Ch.266 Ch.267 Ch.268 Ch.269 Ch.270 Ch.271 Ch.272 Ch.273 Ch.274 Ch.275 Ch.276 Ch.277 Ch.278 Ch.279 Ch.280 Ch.281 Ch.282 Ch.283 Ch.284 Ch.285 Ch.286 Ch.287 Ch.288 Ch.289 Ch.290 Midnight Evolution Ch.291 Ch.292 Ch.293 Ch.294 Ch.295 Ch.296 Ch.297 Ch.298 Ch.299 Ch.300 Ch.301 Ch.302 Ch.303 Ch.304 Ch.305 Ch.306 Ch.307 Ch.308 Ch.309 Ch.310 Ch.311 Ch.312 Ch.313 Ch.314 Ch.315 Ch.315.1 Ch.315.2 Dessert - Le Passé Ch.315.3 Dessert - Le Future
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