Tensei Shitara Slime datta Ken Ibun - Makoku Gurashi no Trinity

Ch.046 Our First Human Country (Part 1)

Ch.001 I'm Here, Tempest!! Ch.002 I'll Do It! The Keibitai's Work! Ch.003 An Unexpected Visitor! A Rival Appears!? Ch.004 Let's Ask! The Road to Cooking!! Ch.005 It's Hopeless, A Fearless Intruder! Ch.006 I Can Do It! Swaying Your Heart With My Very First Cooking Ch.007 I Won't Lose! Special Training Writhing in Agony Ch.008 A Comfy Nice Place to Sleep Ch.009 A Lesson Learn! The Spirit of a Merchant Ch.010 We'll Show Them Our Full Strength! A Warrior's Pride (Part 1) Ch.011 In Pursuit! A Chase Scene Connected with My Heart Ch.013 The Onset of Calamity (Part 1) Ch.014 The Onset of Calamity (Part 2) Ch.015 The Bloodstained Town (Part 1) Ch.016 The Bloodstained Town (Part 2) Ch.017 Trinity Ch.018 The Calamity's Aftermath Ch.019 With Monsters, With Humans Ch.020 Things That Can't Be Given Up (Part 1) Ch.021 Things That Can't Be Given Up (Part 2) Ch.022 Each One's Path (Part 1) Ch.023 Each One's Path (Part 2) Ch.024 The Day of Miracles Ch.025 A New Guide (Part 1) Ch.026 A New Guide (Part 2) Ch.027 Proud Roar Ch.028 Proud Roar (Continued) Ch.029 The Claws and Fangs are Sharpened Ch.030 The Claws and Fangs are sharpened P2 Ch.031 Eve of Departure (Part 1) Ch.032 Eve of Departure (Part 2) Ch.033 City of the Forgotten Dragon (Part 1) Ch.034 City Of The Forgotten Dragon (Part 2) Ch.035 Harpy Kingdom Fulbrosia (Part 1) Ch.036 Harpy Kingdom Fulbrosia (part 2) Ch.037 Veteran Soldiers Of The Camp Ch.038 Reunion at the battleground Ch.039 Reunion At The Battleground Ch.040 The Gathering Ch.041 The Gathering - Part 2 Ch.042 The Gathering (Part 3) Ch.043 Exciting New Duty Ch.044 The Departure Ch.045 The Departure (Part 2) Ch.046 Our First Human Country (Part 1) Ch.047 Our First Human Country (Part 2) Ch.048 Running Through Blumund (Part 1)
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