To Love Ru Darkness

Ch.077.3 A Special Bangaihen

Ch.000 Prologue Ch.000.5 Prologue (Full Color version) Ch.001 Continue Ch.001.5 Continue [Full Color version] Ch.002 Doubt and dish Ch.002.5 Doubt and Dish [Full Color version] Ch.003 Each speculation Ch.003.5 Each Speculation [Full Color version] Ch.004 Exciting squall Ch.004.5 Exciting Squall [Full Color version] Ch.005 Uneasiness ~Peace and Anxiety~ Ch.005.5 Uneasiness ~ Peace and Anxiety [Full Color version] Ch.006 True smile ~The Past, Friend, Smile And~ Ch.006.5 True Smile ~ The Past, Friend, Smile And ~ [Full Color version] Ch.007 Worry ~Those Feelings... Bind~ Ch.007.1 Worry ~ Those Feelings... Bind~ [Full Color version] Ch.007.5 Bangaihen 1Pollen plan ~Dangerous Little Sister Situation~ Ch.007.6 Pollen Plan ~ Dangerous Little Sister Situation ~ [Full Color version] Ch.008 A Man? Woman? ~ The Changing Ones ~ Ch.008.1 A Man? Woman? ~ The Changing Ones ~ [Full Color version] Ch.008.5 TLR Darkness Bunko - Volume 2 Extras Ch.009 Metamorphose ~The Time Of Changing...~ Ch.009.1 Metamorphose ~ Time for a Change... ~ [Full Color version] Ch.010 Sisters ~The Invention of Happiness Lala~ Ch.010.1 Sisters ~ The Invention of Happiness Lala ~ [Full Color version] Ch.010.5 Bangaihen 2First love ~First Love Before You Know It~ Ch.010.6 First love ~First Love Before You Know It~ (Full Color) Ch.011 True self ~True Face in the Darkness~ Ch.011.1 True Self - True Face in the Darkness [Full Color version] Ch.012 Bad mood ~Bonds of Happiness~ Ch.012.1 Bad Mood ~Bonds of Happiness~ [Full Color version] Ch.012.5 Ch.013 Adhesion ~Can't Part? Can't Let Go?~ Ch.013.1 Adhesion ~ Can't Part? Can't Let Go? ~ [Full Color version] Ch.013.4 Flower ~ Budding Feelings ~ (Full Color) Ch.013.6 Bangaihen 5Flower ~Budding Feelings~ Ch.013.7 Body touch? ~Nyanderful Life~ (Full Color) Ch.013.8 Bangaihen 3Body touch? ~Nyanderful Life~ Ch.014 Past ~Memories Leading to Tomorrow~ Ch.014.1 Past ~ Memories Leading to Tomorrow ~ [Full Color version] Ch.014.5 Bangaihen 4Room ~A Maiden's Desire~ Ch.014.6 Room ~A Maiden's Desire~ [Full Color version] Ch.015 Refrain ~Warmth~ Ch.015.1 Refrain ~Warmth~ [Full Color version] Ch.016 The right thing ~What is a Way of Life?~ Ch.016.1 The right thing ~What is a Way of Life?~ [Full Color Version] Ch.017 Trigger ~Intensification of Love~ Ch.017.1 Trigger ~Intensification of Love~ [Full Color version] Ch.018 Exchange ~ Me and I ~ Ch.018.1 Exchange ~Me and I~ [Full Color version] Ch.018.5 Bangaihen 6The Changing Heart ~ Honest Feelings ~ Ch.018.6 The changing heart ~Honest Feelings~ (Full Color) Ch.019 Nostalgia ~Back then, at that Place~ Ch.019.1 Nostalgia ~Back then, at that Place~ [Full Color Version] Ch.020 Uneasy ~Heart's Bewilderment~ Ch.020.1 Uneasy ~Heart's Bewilderment~ (Full Color) Ch.020.5 Bangaihen 7 Anxious (1) ~Is This Alright?~ Ch.021 Rain ~Again, Just Like Until Now~ Ch.021.1 Rain ~Again, Just Like Until Now~ (Full Color) Ch.022 After a Storm Comes a Calm ~Friend~ Ch.022.1 After a Storm Comes a Calm ~Friend~ [Full Color version] Ch.022.5 Bangaihen 8 Anxious (2) ~Distressed Maiden and Big Brother~ Ch.022.6 Anxious (2) ~Distressed Maiden and Big Brother~ (Full Color) Ch.023 Summer Festival ~The Beginning of the Festival~ Ch.023.1 Summer Festival ~The Beginning of the Festival~ [Full Color version] Ch.024 The Door of Fate ~And from now on~ Ch.024.1 The Door of Fate ~And from now on~ [Full Color version] Ch.024.5 Bangaihen 9 Girl of Blaze Magical Kyouko -Flame- Ch.024.8 Anxious (2) ~Distressed Maiden and Big Brother~ [Full Color version] Ch.025 New Move ~Birds of a Feather~ Ch.025.1 New Move ~Birds of a Feather~ [Full Color version] Ch.026 Unconsciously~Head Hazy? Heart Pounding~ Ch.026.1 Unconsciously~Head Hazy~Heart Pounding~ Full Color version] Ch.026.5 Bangaihen 10:It Feels ~Teacher Who Endures!~ Ch.027 Adventure ~Rito Mouse's Adventure~ Ch.027.5 Girl of Blaze Magical Kyouko -Flame- [Full Color version] Ch.028 Infiltration ~Kyouko! In Trouble!?~ Ch.028.5 Bangaihen 11 Adhesion ~But No Ill Intent~ Ch.029 Manservant ~Competition~ Ch.030 Resistance ~Even Though I Understand~ Ch.030.5 Bangaihen 12 Mobile Phone ~Heart Pounding?Voice~ Ch.031 Cleaning ~Magnificently Beautifully?~ Ch.032 Danger~Danger~ Ch.032.5 Bangaihen 13 Suddenly ~Imagination and reality~ Ch.033 Appreciation~Progressing Feelings~ Ch.034 When talking ~Sisters' Love Circumstances~ Ch.034.5 Bangaihen 14 Ghost Story~Heart-Pounding ~Voice~ Ch.035 Kiss ~What lies beyond a kiss~ Ch.036 Real intention ~Troubled girls~ Ch.036.5 Bangaihen 15 Moonlight ~Moonlit Angel~ Ch.037 True Character ~Identity Revealed!?~ Ch.038 Clinic ~Can't Become Honest~ Ch.038.5 Bangaihen 16 Photography ~Take that Awesome Picture!~ Ch.039 The Beginning of Darkness ~That Time~ Ch.040 Release of darkness ~Release~ Ch.040.5 Bangaihen 17 Technique~ the Door of A Maiden~ Ch.041 Prediction is impossible ~Out of Control Darkness~ Ch.042 Escape ~What You Believe~ Ch.042.5 Bangaihen Holiday ~Cooking?Flexion?~ Ch.043 Whose Thing is a Fiance? ~Lala vs Yami~ Ch.044 Power and Power~ Protector and Protected~ Ch.044.5 Bangaihen 19 Adhesion Panic ~I Knew It... She's Angry~? Ch.045 Sister~The Two Weapons~ Ch.046 The End of Darkness ~I Hate Ecchi~ Ch.046.5 Bangaihen 20 Bath ~Good Bath... I Guess?~ Ch.047 Bright Future~ Thank You~(Fixed) Ch.048 Re-starting ~Harem Plan~ Ch.049 Mother ~An Angel Too Beautiful~ (Fixed) Ch.050 Charm ~The Great Mother~ Ch.051 Smile Baby ~Baby Panic~ Ch.052 Mission Date ~Slapstick Date~ Ch.053 Puberty ~I'll Try to Be Honest~ Ch.054 First accident? ~First time....~ Ch.055 Worry ~A Step Forward~ Ch.056 Delight ~Growth of Body and Heart~ Ch.057 Principal ~Not a Good Day~ Ch.057.1 Bangaihen 21 Ch.057.5 Bangaihen 21 Ch.057.6 OmakeNatural Face ~Peaceful times~ Ch.058 Story after school ~Hidden Feelings~ Ch.058.1 Omake Natural Face ~Peaceful times~ Ch.059 Enjoy Myself ~Dark Matter~ Ch.059.1 Bangaihen 22 Natural Face ~Time of Rest~ Ch.059.5 BangaihenNatural Face ~Time of Rest~ Ch.060 Power and power ~Fleeting Battle~ Ch.061 Taken ~Nemesis~ Ch.062 The fresh world ~Everywhere together ♪ Ch.062.1 Extras Ch.063 All right ~All that ends well...~ Ch.064 Morals ~Who is the one disrupting the morals!?~ Ch.065 New plan ~Counseling~ Ch.066 Inspection ~Let's Examine~ Ch.067 Real feelings ~Battle With True Feelings~ Ch.068 Idol ~An idol only for you~ Ch.069 One night ~Let’s sleep over!~ Ch.070 Request ~Target~ Ch.071 The reason that I fight ~The Reason to Protect~ Ch.072 Black and darkness ~Conveyed Feelings~ Ch.073 Delusion ~What Do I Do?~ Ch.074 After a long time ~Nemesis’s Ambition~ Ch.075 Sudden confession ~The Precious Words~ Ch.076 How will you do? ~Decision!?~ Ch.077 Let’s meet again sometime ~I’m looking forward to our future~ [E... Ch.077.1 Bangaihen Multiplication ~From the front and from behind~ Part 1 Ch.077.2 Bangaihen Multiplication ~From the front and from behind~ Part 2 Ch.077.3 A Special Bangaihen
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