UQ Holder!

Ch.001 Chapter One

Ch.001 Chapter One Ch.002 I Hate Being Immortal! Ch.003 I Thought We Could Be Friends Ch.004 Touta's Clever Scheme Ch.005 A Stop in the Journey, Romance Between Men Ch.006 What does it mean to be a bit ahead Ch.007 UQ Holder Ch.008 The Power of the Leader Ch.009 Training Starts Ch.010 Gravity Blade Ch.011 Magical Beast Extermination Ch.012 First Mission Ch.013 I Cannot Lose Ch.014 Magic Apps Ch.015 Results of Training(Fixed) Ch.016 The Blind Immortal Hunter Ch.017 The Assassins Strike Ch.018 We Are Friends, Aren't We ? Ch.019 I Have No Choice Ch.020 Saint of Steel Ch.021 Touta's Revival Ch.022 Those Without Anything Ch.023 Tota VS Kaito Ch.024 Magia Erebea Ch.025 Grasp the Earth Ch.026 Karin's Crisis Ch.027 Tota Vs. Nagumo Ch.028 Numbers, Assemble! Ch.029 The Strength of Numbers Ch.030 The Aftermath of the Battle Ch.031 A New Member of Numbers Ch.032 The Real Kirie Sakurame(Fixed) Ch.033 Ok to Reset! Ch.034 The Creepy Assassin Strikes Again! Ch.035 The Future That Should Be Avoided Ch.036 Kirie's Secret Plan! Ch.037 Fate Averruncus Ch.038 The Operation Is A Go! Ch.039 The Battle Continues!! Ch.040 Carrying Out the Plan Ch.041 Unexpected 30-year Reunion Ch.042 Questions For Fate Ch.043 Undercover Investigation Ch.044 Infiltration Ch.045 Serial Killer Ch.046 The Psion Ch.047 Psion VS Immortals Ch.048 Pleasant Memories Ch.049 The Truth of the Matter Ch.050 The Real Killer Ch.051 Sayoko And Santa Ch.052 Town Under Attack Ch.053 Hope Arrives Ch.054 Zombified Ch.055 Goodbye Ch.056 Sayoko And Santa Ch.057 The Battle Heats Up Ch.058 Midair Battle of Abilities Ch.059 As a Sworn Friend Ch.060 It Ends Ch.061 Kuromaru's Woes Ch.062 Livening Things Up Ch.063 A Ridiculously Strong Lady Ch.064 The Mahora Martial Arts Tournament Ch.065 Negi Springfield Ch.066 Define the Relationship Ch.067 What If I Ran Away From Home? Ch.068 The Preliminaries Ch.069 Using Apps Ch.070 Attacker Ch.071 The Truth About Tota Ch.072 Caring Friends Ch.073 Recognition Ch.074 Avoiding A Nightmare Ch.075 Tournament Battles Ch.076 Yesterdays' Enemy Is Today's Teacher Ch.077 The Power of Nobility Ch.078 Yukihime And The Witch of Rift Ch.079 Spartan Training Ch.080 One Step Forward Ch.081 One Step Forward Ch.082 Hardship All Around Ch.083 Sleeping Beauty Ch.084 Kitty's Hope and Despair Ch.085 Through All Those Years, I Still Wanted to See You Ch.086 Getting Smaller and Farther Away Ch.087 To Keep A Promise Ch.088 Kirie's Power Explodes Ch.089 How to Defeat A Too-Powerful Foe Ch.090 The Fruits of His Training Ch.091 Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire Ch.092 A Shocking Reunion Ch.093 If We Had Met in the Past Ch.094 Chasing A Shadow Ch.095 Something Hectic This Way Comes Ch.096 Tota's Shout Ch.097 Unexpectied Guest Ch.098 Be our Guest! Ch.099 Battle of Passion, Battle of Fury Ch.100 Intimate Exchange Ch.101 Kuromaru-Kun's Cares Ch.102 Dolled Up Kuromaru Goes On A Date Ch.103 Do I Want to Protect? Or Be Protected? Ch.104 Never Let Your Guard Down Or Freak Out Ch.105 Time Freeze for Two Ch.106 Sleep With Me Ch.107 Alow Me to Say One Thing Ch.108 Enter The Lady-Killer Ch.109 The Dangers of Honesty Ch.110 Yukihime's Confession Ch.111 Gathering for the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament Ch.112 The Students of Mahora Academy Class 3-A Ch.113 let's go with the Forceful Method! Ch.114 For Negi Ch.115 Brain Function Stops. Everything Stops Ch.116 Solution Ch.117 You Activate It By Ch.118 The Face of the Enemy Ch.119 Tota and Kirie Will They or Won't They? Ch.120 Speeder Three-Way Ch.121 Racing Without A Stitch Ch.122 Because You are Mizore's Beloved! Ch.123 The Three Totas' Wishes! Ch.124 That's How It's Done!! Ch.125 Time Manipulator Cutlass Ch.126 It All Begins Ch.127 It's Good to See You Again Ch.128 We Are UQ Holder! Ch.129 Touta and Negi Ch.130 foul play Ch.131 The wish and plan of the imperial princess Ch.132 Operation Rescue Negi Ch.133 The long 37 seconds Ch.134 It's Good to See You Again Ch.135 Ch.136 Climb The Stairway To Adulthood! Ch.137 The Decision Made That Day Ch.138 Life or Death Love Confesion Ch.139 Father Son Reunion Ch.140 The Showdown Against Ialda Ch.141 Toward Our Dreams Ch.142 Born From Hate Ch.143 With Superhuman Power Ch.144 Operation Rescue 10,000 Ch.145 Ch.146 Ch.147 Ch.148 Ch.149 Ch.150 Ch.151 Ch.152 Ch.153 Ch.154 Ch.155 Ch.156 Ch.157 Ch.158 Ch.159 Ch.160 Ch.161 Ch.162 Ch.163 Ch.164 Ch.165 Ch.166 Ch.167 Ch.168 Ch.169 Ch.170 Ch.171 Ch.172 Ch.173 Ch.174 Ch.175 Ch.176 Ch.177 Ch.178 Ch.179 Ch.180 Ch.181 Ch.182 Ch.183 Ch.184 Ch.185 Ch.186 Ch.187 Ch.188 Ch.189 Ch.190 Ch.191 Ch.192
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