Wakusei no Samidare

Vol.03 Ch.019 Roar

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Lizard knight Vol.01 Ch.002 The Little Devil and The Biscuit Hammer Vol.01 Ch.003 Amamiya Yuuhi and Asahina Samidare Vol.01 Ch.004 Yuuhi, the Love Comedy, and the Heel Drop Kick Vol.01 Ch.005 Yuuhi, a Cold and a Command Vol.01 Ch.006 The Knight and the Contract Vol.01 Ch.007 Amamiya Yuuhi, Knight Vol.01 Ch.008 Shinonome Hangetsu and the Dog Knight Vol.02 Ch.009 Hangetsu and the Golem Vol.02 Ch.010 Yuuhi, an Anime, and How to Capture Hangetsu Vol.02 Ch.011 The Asahina Sisters' Father's Return Vol.02 Ch.012 Preparing to Die on the Day of Birth Vol.02 Ch.013 Shinonome Hangetsu, Knight (First Half) Vol.02 Ch.014 Shinonome Hangetsu, Knight (Second Half) Vol.02 Ch.015 Asahina Hisame and Shinonome Hangestu Vol.02 Ch.016 Shinonome Mikazuki and the Crow Knight Vol.03 Ch.017 Nagumo Souichirou and the Horse Knight Vol.03 Ch.018 Trauma Vol.03 Ch.019 Roar Vol.03 Ch.020 Amamiya Yuuhi and the Shinonome Brothers Vol.03 Ch.021 Darkness Vol.03 Ch.022 Amamiya Yuuhi and the Beast Knights (1) Vol.03 Ch.023 Amamiya Yuuhi and the Beast Knights (2) Vol.04 Ch.024 Hakudou Yayoi and the Snake Knight Vol.04 Ch.025 A Man's Feelings and the Horse Knight Vol.04 Ch.026 Kusakabe Tarou and the Mouse Knight Vol.04 Ch.027 The Magician and Hyou Shimaki Vol.04 Ch.028 Inachika Akitani (Part I) Vol.05 Ch.030 Hekatombaion and the Beast Knights Vol.05 Ch.031 Asahina Household (1) Vol.05 Ch.032 Asahina Household (2) Vol.05 Ch.033 Asahina Household (3) Vol.05 Ch.034 Spirit Anima and the Beast Knights Vol.05 Ch.035 Metageitnion and the Beast Knights Vol.06 Ch.036 Akane Taiyou and the Owl Knight Vol.06 Ch.037 Kusakabe Tarou, The Brave Vol.06 Ch.038 Kusakabe Tarou and the Beast Knights Vol.06 Ch.039 The Invisible Vol.06 Ch.040 Knight Sorano Hanako (1) Vol.06 Ch.041 Knight Sorano Hanako (2) Vol.07 Ch.000 Omake Vol.07 Ch.042 Amamiya Yuuhi and the Shinome Brothers Vol.07 Ch.043 Yukimachi And Subaru Vol.07 Ch.044 Vol.07 Ch.045 Taiyou and Mikazuki Vol.07 Ch.046 The Heroes And The Children Vol.07 Ch.047 The Boy Akane Taiyou Vol.08 Ch.048 Golems and Golem Users Vol.08 Ch.049 Before the Door Vol.08 Ch.050 Vol.08 Ch.051 Inkoman and the Beast Knights Vol.08 Ch.052 Maimakterion and the Beast Knights (First Half) Vol.08 Ch.053 Maimakterion and the Beast Knights (Latter Half) Vol.08 Ch.054 Anima and Animus Vol.09 Ch.044 Vol.09 Ch.054 Vol.09 Ch.055 Amamiya Yuuhi And Asahina Samidare 2 Vol.09 Ch.056 The Last Battle 1 Vol.09 Ch.057 The Last Battle 2 Vol.09 Ch.058 The Last Battle 3 Vol.09 Ch.059 The Last Battle 4 Vol.09 Ch.060 Hoshi no Samidare 1 Vol.09 Ch.061 Hoshi no Samidare 2 Vol.09 Ch.062 Hoshi no Samidare 3 Vol.09 Ch.063 Hoshi no Samidare 4 Vol.09 Ch.064 Hoshi no Samidare 5 Vol.09 Ch.064.5 Vol.09 Ch.065 Hoshi no Samidare 6 Vol.09 Ch.109 Vol.09 Ch.110 Vol.09 Ch.113
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