Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Ch.001 Let's Try It

Ch.001 Let's Try It Ch.002 Lemme See Too, Man Ch.003 Can't Say Strong Women Turn Me Off Ch.004 Dude, E-CUPS! Ch.005 And You're Coming with Me! Ch.006 I'm Not a Lab Rat, Guys.. Ch.007 Let's Make it a Quickie! Ch.008 Not My Shiraishi Ch.009 ANNIHILATING TORNADO KICK!!! Ch.010 Her Face is Totally Red Ch.011 Oh Yes, Suzuki Ch.012 And That Is Love Ch.013 Grant Me The Kiss!! Ch.014 Shingi Ikkyu Ch.015 Ohhhh My God!! Ch.016 And SO SOFT Ch.017 I'll Kiss You Ch.018 Twist and Turn Ch.019 Give It to Me, Stud...! Ch.020 Use Your Brain Ch.021 That Hurt Ch.022 What a Disaster Ch.023 You Don't Like it? Ch.024 Of Course We Have to Look Ch.025 "mi-n mi-n" Ch.025.5 Vol.3 Extras Ch.026 Egads,Man! Ch.027 Bwooong Ch.028 Fwish Fwish Ch.029 Recruit! Ch.030 Boobs Ch.031 Odagiri's Boobs Ch.032 Fssst Pop Pop Ch.033 Santa Came Early! Ch.034 You Want to be Compensated Sexually, Right? Ch.035 She Can See The Future? Ch.036 You Get a Woody Too? Ch.037 Find Out for Yourself Ch.038 There's No Time to Explain Ch.039 Bluhhh Ch.040 My Lips Have a Previous Engagement! Ch.041 Maybe She Likes Flashing Her Underwear Ch.042 Exhibit of Rare Animals from Around the Globe Ch.043 I Don't Think You're a Freak, Yamada Ch.044 Fuck Off,Stalker. Ch.045 Santa Must Really Love Me! Ch.046 Don't Screw with A Jealous Woman! Ch.047 Pok Ch.048 Learn The Truth! Ch.049 Holy Crap, Yamada! Ch.049.1 Mrrrgh Ch.050 Typical Ch.051 It Comes with a Condition Ch.052 Not Your Normal Sandwich! Ch.053 Ugh, This Sucks. Ch.054 Why Hello, Mr.Yamada Ch.055 Well? Ch.056 This Disturbs Me,Mr. Yamada Ch.057 Yeah, I Do Ch.058 You want somthing to eat too? Ch.059 Damn Cocktease Ch.060 Klang Ch.061 Shut It and Pucker Up ! Ch.062 I Never Wanna See You That Sad and Lonely Again! Ch.063 Yeeek! Ch.064 So Do We Do It? Ch.065 There You Are Ch.066 Don't Forget! Ch.067 Panties Demand Attention,You See Ch.068 Ha Ha, Suuuuuuuuuuuuck It! Ch.069 H-He's An Utter Moron! Ch.070 Urara Loves Me? Ch.071 We Bust His Motherfucking Door Down! Ch.072 A Bug, EWEWEW! Ch.073 Let's Explore Somewhere Private Ch.074 Those Are Crimes,Man Ch.075 I Smell Adventure Ch.076 You Still Can't Help Yourself Ch.077 Filth! Ch.078 Not with YOU in the Mix Ch.079 I'm Just As Hot As Miyamura! Ch.080 You're Just A Sex Offender! Ch.081 I'm Watching a Movie Right Now! Ch.082 Cuz Science, Like, Totally Has My Name ... Ch.083 I Have Underwear! Ch.084 That's the End of the Club! Ch.085 You Wanna See Her Naked?! Ch.086 Weakling!! Ch.087 What if we get cursed?! Ch.088 Is that commonly known? Ch.089 No-underwear Policy!! Ch.090 Downright Awful! Ch.091 Tempura Again! Ch.092 Tea! Ch.093 In Front Ch.093.5 Yankee-kun na Yamada-kun to Megane-chan to Majo Ch.094 Shrimp! Ch.095 Staaare Ch.096 Like a ninja Ch.097 Susshi Ch.098 Her jugs are ginormous! Ch.099 Care For A Bean-jam Bun? Ch.100 Really Pissed Off Ch.101 Take Care. Ch.102 See What His Real Intentions Are! Ch.103 Google It Later! Ch.104 Going commando as a hobby Ch.105 Showwie! Ch.106 She's Got A Dirty Mind. Ch.107 He looks bored Ch.108 A Sorta Bittersweet Aliance Ch.109 The Masked JK Ch.110 Lame... Ch.111 She does have a nice body Ch.112 In the abyss Ch.113 10 Years Too Early Ch.114 Perfect, right? Ch.115 I‘m On A Diet Ch.116 No One Asked You!! Ch.117 Gotta Get Back! Ch.118 You Sawww! Ch.119 Do Your Hair Up Like Me!! Ch.120 Doubt!! Ch.121 He likes big boobs Ch.122 Call me Lincoln Ch.123 The panic alarm is ringing! Ch.124 Have Your Way With Me... Ch.125 I Only Have 400 Yen!! Ch.126 I Also Have A Rival ! Ch.127 Sex Appel!! Ch.128 Make Me Care More! Ch.129 That's All Ch.130 A Lot on My Mind! Ch.131 Scarier than a ghost Ch.132 Can't You Tell? Ch.133 Come at me! Ch.134 Too Hot to Handle!! Ch.135 Cause I Said We're on A Break Ch.136 One Reeeally Annoying Power Ch.137 I'm Not So Sure About That Ch.138 You Weren't Gonna Kiss Me? Ch.139 It Turns On Me! Ch.140 Read Online Ch.141 Making A Fool out of Me! Ch.142 Gimme some cola! Ch.143 We Say "Move" Ch.144 Irresistible Chivalry! Ch.145 It's Tough Being Such A Stud... Ch.146 You And Me! Super Bestieees! Ch.147 Permission To Rub Her Boobs!! Ch.148 Pretty Little Bear Ch.149 Another Gross Picture?!! Ch.150 I'm Not Bald!! Ch.151 In London Ch.152 Two-timing!! Ch.153 I promised you! Ch.154 What a huge success!! Ch.155 Always... Ch.156 This Is A Toy Gun Ch.157 Show no Mercy!!! Ch.158 Haruko-chan! Ch.159 Off to do some randori! Ch.160 I... I don't believe it!! (Fixed) Ch.161 It's so flamingo-colored!! Ch.162 Blamed me for the whole underwear thing!! Ch.163 I might get dumped, huh? Ch.164 I want you to touch me... Ch.165 To Be Clear, I'm Not Gonna Give It To You Ch.166 Kiss As Much As We Want! Ch.167 It's Like I Became Senpai's Wife! Ch.168 You Are Not A Cute Kohai At All Ch.169 Denied! Ch.170 I'll definitely come back...! Ch.171 It's a bloodbath! Ch.172 Stop Fighting Over Meee. Ch.173 You're A Stalker, aren't You? Ch.174 You're Scared! Ch.175 You're Looking For A Secret Notebook? Ch.176 Wet's bweeech!! Ch.177 She's a High School Girl, Y'know?! Ch.178 Right here. Ch.179 Trembling cause i can't talk to you. Ch.180 I give it a four Ch.181 Although I Always Knew Ch.182 Well, It's True. Ch.183 Punch Me Will You? Ch.184 Who Wants Mint Chocolate Chip? Ch.185 What can't be learned at school Ch.186 Are you gonna come in too? Ch.187 To Our Brand Spanking New Poetry Club! Ch.188 Read Online Ch.189 Perfect as my rival Ch.190 You mean hosts?! Ch.191 S...so adorbs!! Ch.192 Ya li'l hoodrats! Ch.193 Homemade at that...? Ch.194 I wish I had a boyfriend... Ch.195 My chest sorta aches Ch.196 You Surprised? Ch.197 Do What? Ch.198 And There Are Sea Cucumbers Ch.199 I Dunno About This... Ch.200 Ocean Front! Ch.201 Paradiiise Ch.202 And I'll get to have a boyfriend?! Ch.203 Sensitive to trends Ch.204 Kinda unoriginal, huh? Ch.205 Are You All Pimping Me Out? Ch.206 You've Ended Up This Way Ch.207 Buy White Radish On Your Way Home Ch.208 You better thank me! Ch.209 You Keep Giving Me That Look!! Ch.210 Don't die on me!!! Ch.211 I was reborn! Ch.212 First Time A Girl's Cried!! Ch.213 I Hate You! Ch.214 Sentenced to tickling...!! Ch.215 You just wanna get freaky, don't you?!! Ch.216 I said "Destiny"! Ch.217 I'm ready...! ? Ch.218 So you guys are incompetent?! Ch.219 Was there tongue? Ch.220 Or not Ch.221 It's Yamada he's after...!!! Ch.222 I'm a free man! Ch.223 Are you scared by any chance? Ch.224 They could never be around a guy like me. Ch.225 Lemme give you a hand Ch.226 "Grade point average"? Ch.227 Simple, basic questions Ch.228 To be young! Ch.229 The power of psychology! Ch.230 I'm gonna do the same! Ch.231 Enjoy Your Summer Break? Ch.232 We're retired. Ch.233 Fixed Ch.234 Are you sure? Ch.235 Don't tell Shiraishi, okay? Ch.236 I don't know anyone like that... Ch.237 The Original Witch Ch.238 I miss her Ch.239 I am not boring!! Ch.240 So shameless!! Ch.241 I'll leave the rest to you guys! Ch.242 It's been ten years... Ch.243 Final Episode Ch.243.5 Yamada-san and The Seven Witches
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