Youkai Shoujo - Monsuga

Ch.099 GCUP on the Attack!!

Ch.001 Apparition 1 Ch.002 Apparition 2 Ch.003 Out-of-Season Kaki Ch.004 Because it's you...!♪ Ch.005 Nana-chan's Secret Ch.006 Kappa the Ripper Ch.007 A Match!! Ch.008 The Hentai Knight-sama! Ch.009 The Twin-tailed Gamer Girl Ch.010 A Real Bout Between Man an Woman Ch.011 Eight-Legged Princess Ch.012 Up the Creek! (Without a paddle ♪) Ch.013 The "Iron-Arm" Explodes! Ch.014 Nana-chan's Big Adventure! Ch.015 You Are Not Alone!! Ch.016 Time of the Gods! Ch.017 A Fleeting Existence Ch.018 It's Definitely Right Here... Ch.019 A Whole Different Me...! Ch.020 My Hero Ch.021 Girl on Girl Ch.022 Diamond Happy Ch.023 It's My Turn...!! Ch.024 One's first love... Ch.025 Something I want to make sure of... Ch.026 Of Course Ch.027 Apparition 27 A Youkai's Pride! Ch.028 Sora no Otoshimono Ch.029 Apparition 29 Pantyhole-chan Ch.030 Nya-Nya! Ch.031 Friends! Ch.032 Pet Ch.033 Tail Guard! Ch.034 An encounter with God! Ch.035 Soragami's true form! Ch.036 I want to save you...! Ch.037 This is my only chance...! Ch.038 Puppet Prin... Pu... Pe... Ch.039 The wind has died down... Ch.040 Friends Forever... Ch.041 Thank You... Ch.042 This time... Ch.043 Normal Ch.044 Paradise of Dreams Ch.045 Villain of the Sea Ch.046 Another Mermaid...! Ch.046.5 Jump SQ Omake Ch.047 Gatorbuns(Fixed) Ch.047.1 Momomoke Super Oneshot Ch.048 A G-Cup Babe Appears! Ch.049 It Was NOT...! Ch.050 Beauties Battle on the Chuo Rail Line! Ch.051 You don't stink anymore...! Ch.052 As A Human... Ch.053 Distance Zero Ch.054 The Nature Of Hatred... Ch.055 Connecting Bridge...! Ch.056 A Sudden Visitor! Ch.057 The Path Of The Spirit's Return! Ch.058 Fighting As An Older Brother! Ch.059 The Door To Her Physical Body...! Ch.060 A Dim Light...! Ch.061 Youkai Types...! Ch.062 God's Eye...! Ch.063 Great Escape from Akihabara! Ch.064 Feelings have changed Ch.065 The iron hammer of love! Ch.066 In the end, it's all about the panties...? Ch.067 The Man Who's Been Cut 10,001 Times! Ch.068 A chance meeting on a summer day... Ch.069 The "Bean-Wall" and the kid! Ch.070 Why the path is blocked off...! Ch.071 Enter the student in mourning...! Ch.072 The blade spanning 8 years! Ch.073 Aerial Bout on the Shouhei Bridge Ch.074 I believe...! Icchan is the best.. Ch.075 Union with Icchan. Ch.076 This level...! Ch.077 No Weapons!! Ch.078 The Recall Switch Ch.079 It's a fight! Ch.080 Apparition 80 G Converges...! Ch.081 Childhood Friend...! Ch.082 What Only You Can Do... Ch.083 Goodbye...! Ch.084 A Precious Person... (+Omake) Ch.085 LPT's Weakness...! (+Omake) Ch.086 A Storm Blows In From The West...! Ch.087 Another Youkai User! Ch.088 The Uninvited "Wife". Ch.089 Black Cat Search Team! And Then... Ch.090 The Youkai Who Reads Thoughts...! Ch.091 The Threat of Two Unions!! (+Omake) Ch.092 Kirue Delivers...?! (+Omake) Ch.093 Ch.094 The Strongest Weapon and Shield...!! Ch.095 It's Not Scary...! Ch.096 You can decide for yourself... Ch.097 The Five Swords...! Ch.098 Feelings Streaming In... Ch.099 GCUP on the Attack!! Ch.100 Flaming Bullets of Trust!! Ch.101 Discordance...! Ch.102 Ch.103 Manifestation...! Ch.104 Ch.105 Another Blended Person...! Ch.106 Oni-killing Oni. Ch.107 Joint Struggle...! Ch.108 Ch.109 Ch.110 Ch.111 Ch.112 That's... a Promise! Ch.113 Ch.114 Ch.115 Ch.116 Ch.117 Ch.118 Ch.119 Ch.120 Ch.121 Ch.122 Ch.123 Ch.124 Ch.125 Ch.126 Ch.127 Ch.128 Ch.129 Ch.130 Ch.131 Ch.132 Ch.133 Ch.134 Ch.135 Ch.136 Ch.137 Ch.138 Ch.139 Ch.140
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