Neon Genesis Evangelion

Vol.01 Ch.001 Angel Attack

Vol.01 Ch.001 Angel Attack Vol.01 Ch.002 Reunion Vol.01 Ch.003 Unit-01, Lift off Vol.01 Ch.004 Silence... Vol.01 Ch.005 Angel Fire Vol.01 Ch.006 I...Cry... Vol.02 Ch.007 Closing Hearts Vol.02 Ch.008 Shinji's Bad Mood Vol.02 Ch.009 The Trials of a True Fan Vol.02 Ch.010 Shōnen and Knife Vol.02 Ch.011 Third Child Wandering Vol.02 Ch.012 Fumbling Towards Kindness Vol.03 Ch.013 White Scars Vol.03 Ch.014 The Warped Room Vol.03 Ch.015 What Her Crimson Eyes Believe in Vol.03 Ch.016 Abandoned Memories Vol.03 Ch.017 The Night Before Battle Vol.03 Ch.018 Blood Battle Vol.03 Ch.019 The Moon Inside the Darkness (Fixed) Vol.04 Ch.020 Asuka Comes to Japan Vol.04 Ch.021 The Uninvited Vol.04 Ch.022 Asuka Attacks Vol.04 Ch.023 Try, Try Again Vol.04 Ch.024 Dissonance Vol.04 Ch.025 Shall We Dance? Vol.04 Ch.026 One Moment, One Heart Vol.05 Ch.027 The Party Vol.05 Ch.028 Follow Back Along Your Scar Vol.05 Ch.029 Centopath Vol.05 Ch.030 Catch The G-Shock! Vol.05 Ch.031 NERV Blackout Vol.05 Ch.032 The Abyss of Truth Vol.05 Ch.033 Aquarium Vol.06 Ch.034 The Fourth Child Vol.06 Ch.035 35 - Light, then Shadow & 36 - Confession Vol.06 Ch.037 37 - The Gift & 38 - Ambush Vol.06 Ch.039 39 - The Dummy System & 40 - Staining The Twilight Black Vol.07 Ch.041 41 - Fist & 42 - Grey Sky Vol.07 Ch.043 Interrogation Vol.07 Ch.044 Atonement Vol.07 Ch.045 A Man's Battle Vol.07 Ch.046 The Awakening Part One Vol.07 Ch.047 47 - The Awakening Part Two & 48 - Vanished Vol.08 Ch.049 ...Kiss Vol.08 Ch.050 To Within (One's) Heart Vol.08 Ch.051 Mother Vol.08 Ch.052 Flashback Vol.08 Ch.053 A Giant Made of Light Vol.08 Ch.054 The Birth of NERV Vol.08 Ch.055 Message Vol.08 Ch.056 Jealousy Vol.09 Ch.057 The Fifth Child Vol.09 Ch.058 Rejection Vol.09 Ch.059 Pride Vol.09 Ch.060 Doll Vol.09 Ch.061 The Lance of Longinus Vol.09 Ch.062 Distance Vol.09 Ch.063 Battle Response Vol.10 Ch.064 Tears Vol.10 Ch.065 I Want To Become One With You Vol.10 Ch.066 Hearts Unfulfilled, Feelings Unconveyed Vol.10 Ch.067 Twisted/Perverse Night Vol.10 Ch.068 Crossing/Complex/Entangled Vol.10 Ch.069 Tainted Blood Vol.10 Ch.070 Multitudes of Nothingness Vol.11 Ch.071 Descendant of Adam Vol.11 Ch.072 The Last Messenger Vol.11 Ch.073 Reached at Last, After A Long and Tortuous Journey. Vol.11 Ch.074 Memories N The Palm of One's Hand Vol.11 Ch.075 Broken Heart Vol.11 Ch.076.1 Final Enemy Part 1 Vol.11 Ch.076.2 Final Enemy Part 2 Vol.12 Ch.077.1 Genocide (1) Vol.12 Ch.077.2 Genocide (2) Vol.12 Ch.078 Father and Son Vol.12 Ch.079 Promised Time Vol.12 Ch.080 Chance Meeting - Part 1 Vol.12 Ch.081 Chance Meeting - Part 2 Vol.12 Ch.082 Vol.12 Ch.083 The Last Instruction Vol.12 Ch.084 Concord Vol.12 Ch.084.2 Calling-Part 1 I Cann't Lose this Battle Vol.12 Ch.084.3 Calling Part 2 Vol.12 Ch.085 Betrayal Vol.12 Ch.086 The Begin of the Rituals Vol.12 Ch.087 Refusal Vol.12 Ch.088 Dark Moon Vol.12 Ch.089 Face to Face Vol.13 Ch.090 Face to Face[Part 2] Vol.13 Ch.091 The Reminiscence of Summer Vol.13 Ch.091.2 To where the light returns Vol.13 Ch.092 Birthday Vol.13 Ch.093 Sea of Life Vol.13 Ch.094 Palms Vol.13 Ch.094.2 Palms part 2 Vol.13 Ch.095 Thank you ? Goodbye Vol.13 Ch.096 Journey Vol.13 Ch.097 Extra Stage The Summer Colors of Eden
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