Yaoguai Mingdan

Ch.172 Settling the Bill

Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 Ch.004 Ch.005 Ch.006 Ch.007 Ch.008 Ch.009 "Business" Card Ch.010 I Like Us Better When We're Waaaasted Ch.011 Ch.012 Weekly Sale Cucumbers- 2¥ for 5 pounds Ch.013 Ch.014 How to Become More Broke When You’re Already Broke Ch.015 Ch.016 Power-up Get! Ch.017 Wow. new character Ch.018 Well That Escalated Quickly Ch.019 I’m Not Locked in Here with You, You’re Locked in Here With Me! Ch.020 Compromised Position Ch.021 When We Were Young Ch.022 Womanhood Ch.023 Civilized Discussion Ch.024 Surgeon Simulator 2013 Ch.025 Seemingly Immortal Kombat Ch.026 Mozilla Ch.027 #rekt Ch.028 Revenge Ch.029 Return Ch.030 New Roots Ch.031 Another One Ch.032 A Completely Innocent Request Ch.033 You Are My Task Ch.034 Delivery Ch.035 Light's Path Ch.036 Convenience Ch.037 Ace! Ch.038 The Good Guy Card Ch.039 The Violent Train Knight Ch.040 Food From the East Ch.041 Mom Said Not To Food Given By Strangers Ch.042 Can't Be Stopped Ch.043 Again Ch.044 When There's A Light Above The NPC's Head Ch.045 Myself and I are the cause of my schizophrenia Ch.046 Unsuccessful Ch.047 Revisit Ch.048 Who's better at forcing? Ch.049 There’s no way to keep it together this time — I meant the hotel. Ch.050 Have a night flight Ch.051 Living With Explosions Ch.052 Infinite Crisis Ch.053 Confrontation Ch.054 Bound Ch.055 I Will Take Responsibility! Ch.056 Xiang Er Ch.057 Bring it On! Ch.058 Protecting the Girlfriend Ch.059 Conflict Ch.060 Teamwork Ch.061 Innocent Playmates Ch.062 An Apology Ch.063 Severe Punishment Ch.064 Innocence Ch.065 Awakening Ch.066 Don't Do This At Home Ch.067 Clever Boy 2 Ch.068 Reaping Ch.069 Umbrella Attack Ch.070 Umbrella Holder Ch.071 After Rain Comes Clear Skies Ch.072 Brotherly Scorn Ch.073 Transferee Ch.074 Leading Man Ch.075 The Decision Is Yours, Little Yang! Ch.076 A Secret Skill Ch.077 Learning By Example Ch.078 Marking Accounts Ch.079 Ch.080 Breakfast of Friendship Dissolution Ch.081 Have Three, Missing One Ch.082 Cure All Ch.083 Asura Purgatory Ch.084 Operation Start Ch.085 Need More Friends~! Add Me! Ch.086 A Bird? An Airplane? It's An Old Lady! Ch.087 Mushroom Ch.088 Thundercloud Ch.089 Thanks For Your Patronage~ Ch.090 Way Too Much! Ch.091 Rather Miserable Ch.092 Even More Miserable Ch.093 It's A Trap Ch.094 A Proposal [Anniversary] Ch.095 A Dream Car and a Beauty Ch.096 Be Yourself Ch.097 Dearly Loved Ch.098 Shadow Ch.099 Chance to Play House Ch.100 First Doctrine Ch.101 Blood Ch.102 Cavemen Ch.103 Ass-Kicking Ch.104 Transfiguration Ch.105 A Whole Batch Ch.106 Jealousy Ch.107 Personal Trainer Ch.108 Off-Target Ch.109 Knockdown Ch.110 I Want to Be An Idol Ch.111 Another Change of Clothes, Bring Down the Hammer! Ch.112 The Ultimate Test Ch.113 As Expected Ch.114 Predestined Ch.115 Professor Yang Ch.116 Praise the Sun Ch.117 Between Worlds Ch.118 Feng Xi and the Masochist Seal Ch.119 Operation Start Ch.120 The Coordinates Ch.121 Crazed Fanbois Ch.122 Metastasis Ch.123 Pew Pew Pew! Ch.124 No Speeding! Ch.125 That's What You Said... Ch.126 Sword Swipes Ch.127 One May Leave Ch.128 Unrestrained Force Ch.129 Cool For But 3 Seconds Ch.130 Taoists Never Leave Ch.131 Something to Worry About Ch.132 Limited Bandwidth Ch.133 How to Yang Eye Ch.134 Takes One to Know One! Ch.135 Talking A Way Out Ch.136 Through Education Ch.137 Spit Back Out Ch.138 Getting Up In Shock Ch.139 Burst of Radiance Ch.140 Curtain Call Ch.141 Chen Lei Ch.142 Falling to Pieces Ch.143 Encouragement Ch.144 Hug Ch.145 Hugs Left and Right Ch.146 Character Transfer Protocol Ch.147 Monster Refinement Ch.148 Cuddly Outrage Ch.149 Irreconcilable Differences Ch.150 Happy Qixi Festival~ Ch.151 Dawn Ch.152 Into the Charging Port Ch.153 The Aftermath Ch.154 Bedrock Ch.155 Dakka Ch.156 Silenced Ch.157 Time to Explain~ Ch.158 Return of the Blind Date Ch.159 Introductions Ch.160 I Have a Demand Ch.161 Forced Awake Ch.162 When Dragon Speaks Ch.163 Sold Ch.164 Caller ID Ch.165 A Family Ch.166 Please Help a Brother Out Ch.167 Cars Ch.168 Watching Over You Ch.169 Alley Ch.170 Eat Ch.171 Chatting During the Meal Ch.172 Settling the Bill Ch.173 To the Beach! Ch.174 JUMP Ch.175 BEACH Ch.176 Flagbearer Ch.177 The Leak Ch.178 Shades Ch.179 The Plan Commences Ch.180 That's It! Ch.181 Sizing Them Up Ch.182 What's the Matter Ch.183 Punch of Shame Ch.184 A Mob Ch.185 Chaotic Fight Ch.186 Reveal Ch.187 San Yuan Ch.188 Little Dragon Girl Ch.189 Not Again Ch.190 To the Dragon King With You! Ch.191 Meet the Patriarch Ch.192 I Will Work Hard! Ch.193 Time Flies Ch.194 Life Ch.195 Full Load Ch.196 Refining Medicine Ch.197 Wanting to Grow Up Ch.198 Pursuit Ch.199 Appointment Ch.200 Going Far Away Ch.201 Surrender Ch.202 Congratulations Ch.203 Dispersal Ch.204 Rainbow Ch.205 Parting Ways Ch.206 Passing Through Ch.207 All Grown Up Ch.208 One After Another Ch.209 Mahjong Ch.210 Child Burdened With Dreams Ch.211 Circumstances Ch.212 Zhuo Qing Shi Ch.213 Bidding Ch.214 Late Ch.215 Long Distance Call Ch.216 Whispering Ch.217 Easy to Master Ch.218 Stirring Ch.219 Cramming Ch.220 Begging for Help Ch.221 A Beautiful Misunderstanding Ch.222 Glasses Ch.223 Pickup Lines Ch.224 Chance Encounter Ch.225 I'm Audi Ch.226 Summons Ch.227 Clash Ch.228 Go Die Ch.229 Overcome With Many Ch.230 Stunned Ch.231 Victory and Defeat Ch.232 The Truth Ch.233 Transference Ch.234 Put Them On! Ch.235 Trial By Exam Ch.236 Answer Order Ch.237 Accupuncture Ch.238 Chaos Ch.239 Seconds Ch.240 Broken and Sealed Ch.241 A Major Event Ch.242 Through the Chaos Ch.243 Random Door Ch.244 Something Fell Down Again Ch.245 Insertion Ch.246 Window Ch.247 Spotted Ch.248 Top Class Ch.249 Here And There Ch.250 Sacrifice (Revised Version) Ch.251 Handover Ch.252 Force Over Expertise Ch.253 Pairing Ch.254 Mutual Assistance Ch.255 White Marsh Ch.256 Public Opinion Ch.257 Equipment Delivery Ch.258 Combination Shift Ch.259 Segementation Ch.260 Parking Job Ch.261 Special Effects Ch.262 Bone Growth Ch.263 GPS Ch.264 Standstill Ch.265 Fox In The Jar Ch.266 Shining Night Sky Ch.267 Inconceivable! Ch.268 Square One Ch.269 The Flames of War Ch.270 Different Paths Ch.271 Decisive Battle Ch.272 Impaled Ch.273 Blind Rush Ch.274 Broken Ch.275 Firestorm Ch.276 Same Old Trick Ch.277 Spirit Strike Ch.278 Healing Ch.279 Found You Ch.280 Overlap Ch.281 Sending Off Ch.282 Thirst for Battle Ch.283 Contact Ch.284 Xi San Xi Ch.285 Ten Thousand Hours Ch.286 Shattered Ch.287 The Sword Ch.288 Closed Door Ch.289 Resignation Ch.290 Deep in the Bamboo Forest Ch.291 Embellishment Ch.292 Say No More Ch.293 Tomb Ch.294 Writing on the Walls Ch.295 Cage Fight Ch.296 Dual Attributes Ch.297 Heavy Ordnance Ch.298 Ch.299 Ch.300 Ch.301 Healthy In Old Age Ch.302 Ch.303 Treasure Ch.304 Realized Terror Ch.305 Half-Blood Ch.306 Eight Sufferings Ch.307 Meeting With What We Hate Ch.308 Comrade Ch.309 Don't Go Ch.310 Because of You Ch.311 Go See The World Ch.312 Raining Tears Ch.313 Hostage Ch.314 Making A Date [Fixed] Ch.315 utburst [Fixed] Ch.316 To Protect Ch.317 Ch.318 Ch.319 In The Way Again Ch.320 Chalking It Up Ch.321 Nice Assist Ch.322 Self Explosure Ch.323 Friendship Ch.324 Play Ch.325 Battle Chat Ch.326 ANTI-FOX Ch.327 Ice And Fire Ch.328 Situation Ch.329 The Now Ch.330 A Coward Ch.331 Standpoint Ch.332 Ch.333 Ch.334 Ch.335 Ch.336 Ch.337 Ch.338 Ch.339 Ch.340 Ch.341 Ch.342 Caught Up Ch.343 My Wish Ch.344 Stop This Ch.345 Echoes Ch.346 Ch.347 Leave It To Me Ch.348 Shut Up Ch.349 In Concert Ch.351 Hush Ch.352 Ch.353 Ch.354 Mutually Inflicted Ch.354.5 Mutually Inflicted 2 Ch.355 Appeasement Ch.356 Kind Ch.357 Pickup Ch.376 Dog Ch.377 Wash Cut Dry Ch.382 Ch.385 Ch.386 Meal Date Ch.387 Dear Mother Ch.396 You Smell Nice Ch.405 Dogs Out To Pasture Ch.407 Ch.408 Ch.409 Ch.410 Ch.411 Ch.412 Ch.413 Ch.414 Ch.415 Ch.416 Ch.417 Ch.418 Ch.419 Stealing Bodies Ch.420 Ch.421 Ch.422 Ch.423 Ch.424 Ch.425 Ch.426 Saved Ch.427 Kill On Sight Ch.428 Ch.429 Ch.430 Ch.431 Ch.432 Ch.433 Ch.434 Ch.435 Ch.436 Ch.437 Ch.438 Ch.439 Ch.440 Ch.441 Ch.442 Ch.443 Ch.444 Ch.445 Ch.446 Ch.447 Ch.448 Ch.449 Ch.450 Ch.451 Ch.452 Ch.453 Ch.454 Ch.455 Ch.456 Ch.457 Ch.458 Ch.459 Ch.460 Ch.461 Ch.462 Ch.463 Ch.464 Ch.465 Ch.466 Ch.467 Ch.468 Ch.469 Ch.470 Ch.471 Ch.472 Ch.473
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