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Ajin Manga Creator Wants to Return to Draw Ero-Manga

01.19.2016 14:13

Ajin Manga:



Gamon Sakurai's Ajin horror manga won acclaim since its its debut in 2012 and has a television anime series and film trilogy by POLYGON PICTURES. In October, Sakurai revealed that he wants to return to his previous career as a Ero-Manga creator, under the penname "G-10."



Translation: I'm regretable to be called an "ex-"ero manga artist.

At first, I wanted to draw something else at the same time once I got settled into Ajin's serialization, but the magazine went from bi-monthly to monthly serialization. Beside, I started to work on the story and setting and I should focus on that.

I feel that I'm lack of ability.



Translation:Gracefully apologise to my ero-manga editor and people who liked my work as G-10.
I mentioned on my blog: After Ajin is over I surely return to draw ero-manga.


Sakurai, as G-10, published lolicon hentai manga like Jihatsu Arui wa Kyōsei Shūchi.



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