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Bleach 686 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 686 Spoilers!!! Bleach 686Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 685 has been released now!!! Bleach 686 Spoilers: 簡易バレ  カラーは10年後の一護とクラスメートたち  ユーハバッハの残滓がある場所に駆けつける白哉?砕蜂&n

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Bleach 685 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 685 Spoilers!!! Bleach 684Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 684 has been released now!!! Bleach 685 Spoilers: ---Spoliers End--- Bleach 684 Summery: As Ichigo cuts him

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Bleach 684 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 684 Spoilers!!! Bleach 684Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 683 has been released now!!! Bleach 684 Spoilers: 簡易バレ 崩れ落ちる陛下 愛染「よく鏡花水月に対応できたな」 一護「尸魂界に来る途中から違和感を感じてた あんたがみんなを鏡

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Bleach 683 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 683 Spoilers!!! Bleach 683Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 682 has been released now!!! Bleach 683 Spoilers: 恋次「卍解!双王蛇尾丸!!」 あっさり砕かれる蛇尾丸 陛下「全ての卍解は未来に於いてすでに砕かれている」 陛下「お前たち

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Bleach 682 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 682 Spoilers!!! Bleach 682Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 681 has been released now!!!    Bleach 681"The End Two World"summary: As Yhwach enters the portal, Renji attemp

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Bleach 681 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 681 Spoilers!!! Bleach 681Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 680 has been released now!!! Bleach 680"THE END-2 "Summary: Black veins encompass Ichigo and the surrounding area as he realiz

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Bleach 680 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 680 Spoilers!!! Bleach 680Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 677 has been released now!!! Bleach 680 Spoilers: 簡易バレ センターカラー 全ての物語、終焉まで●回!! 力を吸い取られぶっ倒れる一護 一護だけではなくシュテルンリッターの力ま

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Bleach 679 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 679 Spoilers!!! Bleach 679Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 678 has been released now!!!   Bleach 676"The Future Black"summary: not avaliable yet   what do you think about

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Bleach 677 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 677 Spoilers!!! Bleach 677Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 676 has been released now!!!   Bleach 676"Horn of Salvation"summary: After greeting a shocked Orihime, Ichigo confirms Y

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Bleach 676 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 676 Spoilers!!! Bleach 676Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 675 has been released now!!!   Bleach 675"Blood for My Bone"summary: Assuming a battle stance, Uryū asks Haschwalth why

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Bleach 675 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 675 Spoilers!!! Bleach 675Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 674 has been released now!!!   Bleach 674"Father 2"summary: As Ichigo emerges from the wall he was thrown into and charg

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Bleach 674 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 674 Spoilers!!! Bleach 674Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 673 has been released now!!! Bleach 674 Spoilers Summaries Sources: onepiece-naruto.com bleach 674 Yhwach darkness to

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Bleach 673 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 673 Spoilers!!! Bleach 673Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 672 has been released now!!!  Bleach 669 Spoilers: 恋次とルキアが日番谷らのところへ現れる。 と同時に落ちて来る無数の光に襲われる2人。 恋次「うおおおおおッ!?

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Bleach 672 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 671 Spoilers!!! Bleach 671Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 670 has been released now!!!     Bleach 670 “The Perfect Crimson 2” Summary: As Gerard's two hal

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Bleach 671 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 671 Spoilers!!! Bleach 671Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 670 has been released now!!!     Bleach 670 “The Perfect Crimson” Summary: As Gerard's two halve

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Bleach 670 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 670 Spoilers!!! Bleach 670Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 669 has been released now!!!     Bleach 669 “刃 II” Summary: As Yachiru tells Kenpachi that the

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Bleach 669 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 669 Spoilers!!! Bleach 669Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 668 has been released now!!!    Bleach 669 Spoilers: source:baidu  右腕に宿った霊圧を見ている剣八。     やちる「も

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Bleach 668 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 668 Spoilers!!! Bleach 668 Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 667 has been released now!!!    Bleach 668 Spoilers: source:baidu ■死神”最強”と滅却師”最強&rd

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Bleach 667 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 667 Spoilers!!! Bleach 667 Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 666 has been released now!!!         Bleach 666 “EMPTY HALL OF THE PUPPET TEMPLE”

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Bleach 666 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

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Bleach 666 Spoilers!!! Bleach 666 Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 665 has been released now!!!     Bleach 666 Spoilers:  – Askin explains that when he dies the

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