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Bleach 639 spoilers[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

08.06.2015 14:06

Bleach 639 Spoilers!!! Bleach 639 Prediction and Discussions!!! Bleach 638 has been released now!!!

Bleach 639 Spoilers :


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Bleach 638"Boiling Malice and Total Comedy"Summary

Pernida states its name once more, prompting Mayuri to claim he is the one who will name it because he found it. However, Pernida claims it does not understand before proclaiming that it will not forgive Mayuri because he is an enemy before sending its nerves into the ground, which Mayuri notes is proof that Pernida can control inanimate objects as well. Leaping to avoid the ground rupturing underneath him, Mayuri grabs onto a building with Jabarakaina, but Pernida throws him off by pushing out the side of the building facing him before crushing him between two giant hands made of stone. However, Mayuri escapes unscathed by having his luminescent armor explode, and as he falls toward Pernida's nerves on the ground below, Mayuri presses something on the backs of his shoes, causing him to stop and float in midair on Reishi. Mayuri reveals this is the Quincy movement technique, Hirenkyaku, before admitting that this is only the name that Uryū Ishida and Sōken Ishida use for it. Deciding to take a sample, Mayuri blows off Pernida's pinky with a remote explosive, causing it to scream in pain, before splashing it with a preservation fluid. However, Mayuri is caught off-guard when nerves extend from the pinky into his arm, and as his arm bursts, Mayuri quickly stitches it back together while rearranging its anatomical structure before claiming that Pernida cannot take control of him so easily.


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Bleach 638 Spoiler Trivia: In the latest popularity poll, Kenpachi came 15th (in previous ones he came 27th and 9th), and in the Zanpakutō poll, his unnamed Zanpakutō came 29th. His theme song, as chosen by Tite Kubo, is Massive Attack’s “Superpredators.”



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