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One Piece 856 spoiler[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

02.09.2017 17:22

One Piece 856  Spoilers!!!  One Piece 856 Prediction and Discussions!!! 

One Piece 855has been released now!!! Read it now!!!

One Piece 856  Spoilers:

ONEPIECE Ch. 856 Liar

Mirror World

Chopper and the others realize that Sanji has disappeared from inside the castle.

Nami guesses that both Luffy and Sanji could be at the place that they fought.

Chopper starts to cry after hearing that Luffy and Sanji fought.

Jinbe warns that they should hurry and leave soon before the wedding ceremony tomorrow.

Jinbe: “You guys came together with Pekoms, right?”

Chopper: “Is he safe!?”

Jinbe: “To begin with, I should inform you that he is safe. However, that guy got embroiled in a conspiracy and was attempted to be made shark food.

Sweet City

A gunshot can be heard in the rain.

Bobbin: “Damn it… you guys…”

Bobbin falls over

6th floor Baum (I don’t know what this word means).

The Vinsmokes are all drinking.

The barmaids are all passed out.

They are celebrating that they have Big Mom’s backing due to Sanji.

Town outskirts

Luffy awakens to the smell of the bento.

Sanji: “If you can eat, eat up.”

The bento had been dropped and become soggy due to the rain.

Luffy chows down like its delicious-looking.

Luffy: “Delicioussssss!!

Sanji: “Liar.”

Sanji warns Luffy about trying to leave after he finishes the bento.

He tells a resistant Luffy that there are 3 reasons why he can’t leave with him.

1. He insulted and wounded his own captain.

2. The people of Baratie’s lives are currently taken hostage.

3. The family that shares his blood is currently going to be all killed. He can’t run away and leave them to that fate.

After Sanji is finished explaining his feelings and reasoning, Luffy punches him.


A crying Sanji: “I want to… return to the Sunny-Go!!!”

While he’s crying, Sanji explains that he wants to save those bastards that he doesn’t think of as family.

Luffy: “…OK! That’s your decision! We’re all here for you! We’ll destroy that ceremony!!”


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One Piece 855 Spoiler Trivia:

In keeping with the Vinsmoke Family’s naming convention, Rei (零) means “zero” in Japanese. This is a reference to Reiju’s position as the family’s first-born, but within a numbering system where “one” is assigned to the first-born son.












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