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One Piece 852 spoiler[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

01.12.2017 10:26

One Piece 852  Spoilers!!!  One Piece 852 Prediction and Discussions!!! 

One Piece 851has been released now!!! Read it now!!!

One Piece 852  Spoilers:

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Chapter 852 The Germa’s Failure

Reiju is sleeping in an infirmary

She recovers quickly so she will be able to join the tea party the next day, apparently

Sanji comes in and restrains the guard

Reiju wakes up, but her memory’s fuzzy and she feels confused

Sanji explains her what really happened

Prisoner Library

Luffy & co. manage to escape by burning the book

As soon as they’re out of the cage, Luffy can’t move because of his empty stomach

Even so, he runs upstairs to help Sanji


Reiju believes Sanji’s words

Reiju had been investigating Pudding herself, as she thought she seemed too much of a good person

Sanji’s pretty desperate, and Reiju tells him that “I think the Germa should crumble like this”

Reiju proposes to act as if they knew nothing.

Sanji’s against it, and Reiju starts talking about the circumstances around Sanji’s birth.

Reiju could not forget a certain memory

When their Father had said he would turn the soon to be born children in emotionless machines, the mother was fiercely against it

The surgery was done against her will, but the mother drank a powerful medicine that would influence their bloodline’s genes, in order to stop the father’s wild ambition.

There was no effect on the 3 older children, but Sanji alone was able to grow up as human.

Because of that medicine, the mother kept getting weaker and weaker, but she had no regrets

Father blamed Sanji for the whole thing, and started treating him badly

Reiju: “There’s no way you are a failure”

Reiju: “The child born with the “emotions” that mother protected with her own life”

Reiju: “That’s you…Sanji”

Reiju: “That’s why you are kinder than anyone else!!!”

Reiju tells Sanji to abandon the Germa and escape.

Reiju: “(Big Mom?) is not interested in your savior’s life, I think.

Reiju: “Father and the brothers who hold the sea restaurant hostage will be killed tomorrow.”

Reiju: “It’s a just retribution! We’re a band of assassins!!”」

Sanji : “I too have nothing but resentment towards them…but why do you have to die…!?”

Reiju : “There is still “emotion” within me, but…I am an “accomplice”, built unable to refuse Father’s orders.”

Reiju: “My hands are stained…I deserve to die.”

Reiju: “I forgot to say something…that bracelet won’t explode or anything. I switched it (with a dud).”

Reiju: “Do you have any other reasons not to leave this island!?”

Reiju: “Get a hold of yourself, Sanji!! Think hard about what’s important for you!!

Reiju: “You won’t be able to see that great bunch of people anymore!!!”


Break after Chapter 852

---Spoliers End---

One Piece 851Spoiler Trivia:

In keeping with the Vinsmoke Family’s naming convention, Rei (零) means “zero” in Japanese. This is a reference to Reiju’s position as the family’s first-born, but within a numbering system where “one” is assigned to the first-born son.










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