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One Piece 849 spoiler[MH Confirmed][Predictions & Discussions]

12.02.2016 11:18

One Piece 849  Spoilers!!!  One Piece 849 Prediction and Discussions!!! 

One Piece 848has been released now!!! Read it now!!!

One Piece 849  Spoilers:

source: Shitaraba

trans: sandman

Chapter title is Chobro in Mirror World.

In the cover page, protagonists in other Shonen Jump mangas wear ONE PIECE characters’ costumes.

Brulee’s house

Carrot is about to be thrown into a furnace, but actually it is not real Carrot. It is a frog whose shape is the same as Carrot somehow (Brulee’s DF?).

Real Carrot is hiding in an attic. Carrot makes a sneaking attack and saves the frog. She turns over the furnace.

Brulee is shouting due to the hot water. Randolph gets an electrical shock due to the hot water attacked by Carrot’s Electro.

Chopper goes on a rampage via Brain Point and Ramble Ball. They finally take control of Mirror World.

Sanji’s room

Sanji cooks a dish for Pudding, who was not in a good mood.

Treasure Room

Big Mom shows up in front of Brook, who gets hold of the key from military guard


Pedro confronts with Tamago. Pedro’s 50 years’ life span was taken by Big Mom when he was captured 5 years ago.



Reiju is heading for somewhere with her body/face full of blood.

---Spoilers End---

One Piece 848Spoiler Trivia:

Brook is the only known person to have a wanted poster that is not formatted in the uniform style.









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