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Naruto 584 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

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Spoilers & News >

Naruto Spoilers

> Naruto 584 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]
  • Naruto 584 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

  • 17.04.2012 21:29
  • Naruto 584 spoilers!!! Naruto 584  Predictions&Discussions!!!  Naruto 583    has been released now!!!

     Naruto 584  Spoilers Summaries:


    Orochimaru and Kabuto are talking.
    Danzou is the one who targeted Kabuto’s life, because of knowing too much about everything. (basically he was just overqualified)
    Then Kabuto is told, why Mother didn’t recognize him, and that was because she was given a target picture(from Root) in which Kabuto looked more mature so the faces differed. So that’s why she didn’t know.

    Naruto 584: kabuto yakushi
    (caption) “the dangerous encounter…!!”

    orochimaru: you just lack sufficient information to explain you(=who u are) yet. the glasses, the name or being a child wasnt what shows real you. thats all well and good isnt it?
    if you arent content/satisfied with who youve been(/what youve had so far)…. just find the substitutes and add them to you one after another, thats all.
    Kabuto: …if youre going to kill me…why do you tell such a thing to me!?
    Orochimaru: …me too want to know who I am that im gathering anything (possible).
    Orochimaru: and with the lots of things I gathered little by little I go through repeated experiments and verifications …to amass stores of knowledge and abilities. and from there to be a new, perfect me..i m reborn. and ill get new articles again. this time….its you. when you gather up everything and every information under the sun and all theres no reason for you not to be able to find out who you are

    kabuto: why …do you think i m one of those?
    Orochimaru: because I appreciate your talent more than anyone else. ..itd be a shame/waste to kill you…and this is a medical experiment facility prepared for you.

    kabutp: what are you plotting?
    Orochimaru: ill make an organization, a village that leads you to bring yourselves out unlike Root which erases your selves.
    kabuto: !!

    Orochimaru: you and me r getting out of Root of konoha now. and from now on ill be your boss, your brother and your parent. ill protect you from Danzo…and your new background is like this…
    …you were picked up at the battle of kikyo pass by a medical team captain when you were little to be raised by her, as a child of Nonou yakushi who became ostensibly a medical team captain after she went back to Danzos…
    today youll make a fresh start as kabuto yakushi.
    i am Orochimaru. if you want to know who you are…come on…be at my side….

    kabuto holds oarochimarus proffered hand

    some years later

    orochimaru: theres an organization id love to check next…
    Kabuto: leave it to me. so ….what organization is it?
    Orochimaru: akatsuki

    sasori: bring in the data on orochimarus human experimentations and the info on edotensei.
    Kabuto: roger, lord sasori.
    sasori: youre useful. you deaden the sounds eliminate the smells and vanish yourself…just like my puppets.

    -in the facility, experiments on kimimaro and jugo? Karin is giving/given a blood transfusion or something like that. and suigetsu is in a water tank.
    and orochimaru being done for Sasuke.
    Kabuto filters(?) and liquefies orochimaru. he pours the liquid to a IV bag and injsct it into himself.-

    “if you arent content/satisfied with what you’ve had so far…. just find the substitutes and add them to you one after another, thats that.”

    in a room.
    Kabuto: Guaaa, voo..woo…still…still…not enough. this is still …not me…!

    (caption)”in the search of his-firm-selfー”

    Naruto 583  who is This? Summary:


       Kabuto Yakushi flashes back to the time when they aided several Konohagakure shinobi by healing them. Asked by Orochimaru who thought his skills were impressive whether or not he had thought of being a shinobi, to which Kabuto declines. Nono is later approached by Danzo Shimura, Orochimaru and another unknown shinobi, who blackmail her into undertaking an intelligence gathering mission based on the intel they had received that Iwagakure was planning a big attack. Taking Kabuto along with them to replace a dead Root member, the young man was sent on several spy mission in different hidden villages inclusive of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. On a mission in Iwagakure, his cover was blown and as he attempted to escape he was confronted by an Iwa-nin. Kabuto attacked the ninja with his chakra scalpel severely wounding them. This person turned out to be Nono much to Kabuto's shock as he tried to heal her. She however did not remember him, which devastated Kabuto who ran off and left her as Kitsuchi and another Iwa-nin approached them. Devastated that she did not remember him and wondering who he was, Kabuto is once again approached by Orochimaru who states that Kabuto had become quite the shinobi.



     Naruto 584 Trivia: In the English VIZ translation of Chapter 49, Orochimaru introduces himself to Sasuke as “Orochimaru, the Giant Snake”. This was not present in the original version.

    The fateful meeting:Kabuto,Orochimaru

    Mother is not just a mother. Her name is Nonou and she used to play a role as a Root. Behind Danzo is that Orochimaru?!

    Kabuto heard the conversation. To protect the family and his friends, he decides to join Danzo.

    Five years have passed as a watch in the night. Kabuto has became a spy living in different villages.

    In a mission. Kabuto comes across Mother. But Kabuto hurts her badly for he does not see the man who she is.





    For some reasons, Mother can not recognize Kabuto. Kabuto loses himself. He wonders who he really is that even Mother can not identify him.


    Again, Orochimaru appears in front of Kabuto asks Kabuto to join him. Anther life that chooses by Orochimaru for Kabuto.

     If you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.  Your Feedback is Greatly Appreciated, but NO SPAM here is more expecting and also for our benefits. Thanks for your support.




    Naruto 584 spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!


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