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One Piece 678 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

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Spoilers & News >

One Piece Spoilers

> One Piece 678 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]
  • One Piece 678 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

  • 12.08.2012 03:38
  • One Piece 678 Spoilers!!!   One Piece 678 Prediction and Discussions!!!  One Piece 677   has been released now!!!

    One Piece 678 spoiler Summary :


    ONE PIECE 第678話 研究所内A棟ロビー
    カリブーの新世界でケヒヒヒヒ 『ジンベエさんに連れられて』

    海軍は手のひらを返して一味に観念しろと言うがローがスモーカーに一味と俺の邪魔はするなと言い頷くスモー カー。
    ローいわくこの研究所から外気に触れないで外に出る道が有るらしい。弐時間以内に出ないと命の保証は出来な いという。
    サンジゾロ一味は子供を探しながらその通路へ向かう。ルフィはシーザーを誘拐してやるという。スモーカーは 一人残りヴェルゴに落とし前付けに行く。


    One Piece 678: Laboratory building A Lobby

    Caribou Kehihihihi in the new world ''Jinbe-san brought me her''
    The crew gets in just in time.
    The marines seal up the hole in a hurry, and gets it done in time.
    Brook releases his spirit to go check out outside.

    The marines turn on Straw Hats, and tell them to give up, but Law tells Smoker not to get in his or the Straw Hat crew’s way, and Smoker agrees.

    Sanji and Nami swap back to their bodies.

    Law says there’s a way out of this lab without touching the air outside.
    But he can’t guarantee they’ll live unless they get out within two hours.
    The marines search for the children while looking for door R-66.

    Sanji, Zoro, and others also look for the children while heading to the corridor.
    Luffy says he’s gonna go kidnap Ceaser. Smoker says he’ll stay behind, and take care of Vergo himself.
    Zoro hears from Usopp that Luffy lost once already, and is reminded of his own.. and cheers up by scolding him.

    Luffy uses his new move, Gomu-Gomu-UFO and takes out the Punk Hazard army in one hit. Luffy’s flying lol.

    End of One Piece Chapter 678 Spoilers

    One Piece 677 '' COUNTER HAZARD '' Summary :


    Caesar brags about how he was able to capture a Shichibukai, the captain of the once again active Straw Hat Pirates, the "Devil Child" Nico Robin, and the great Vice Admiral Smoker. In the New World, a broker is surprised that Caesar managed to capture all of them. Killer tries to point them out to Eustass Kid, and Kid seems amused to Luffy's return to the public eye. He then tells Killer that watching is meaningless, and how he doesn't think Killer ought to work as a broker anyway. Kid also mentions he is surprised about how Law is really was planning something all along as infoboxes show the pirates' new bounties. Kid asks if the people came, and Killer tells him they have and that he was surprised they came at all. Before entering the room, Killer reminds Kid to be friendly, and Kid rudely tells him to shut up. Inside are Scratchmen Apoo and Basil Hawkins. Apoo, standing over one of Kid's badly beaten subordinates, tells Kid that it feels nostalgic for him to see his ugly face. Kid instantly gets angry, asking what gave him the right to trash someone's hideout. Apoo replies that when he gets invited by the enemy, he comes expecting a fight. An infobox next to him shows his new bounty. As the two challenge each other, Hawkins declares how foolish this meeting is and that he is leaving. Killer asks him to wait as he steps between Kid and Apoo, reminding them that their three crews came together to try and form an alliance and asks that they at least try to discuss it.


    On Punk Hazard, Luffy is curious about Law's idea. The Marines panic about the gas. Law asks if anyone in the cage can burn things. Luffy tells him Franky can, mentioning he even has a beam cannon. Franky says he requires his hands to use his Radical Beam, and can only use Coup de Boo right now. Law asks him to burn the battleship, which he does using Franky Fireball. Caesar watches this, and wonders what they're doing, calling them desperate, saying their corpses will be useful later. Outside in the cage, the smoke from the fire is surrounding the cage. Law removes his chains, saying they needed the smokescreen to hide the fact that they are escaping. Luffy asks how Law could take off kairoseki chains. Law explains that they were normal chains that he put in the lab so he could escape in case he was captured. Law then cuts the pirates free, and wonders aloud what he should do with Smoker and Tashigi as he puts them back in their own bodies. Tashigi realizes that her breasts are exposed and tries to hide them with her knees, begging Law to let her out of the chains. Law tells Smoker he has no reason to save him, but if Vergo loses his position due to Smoker returning alive, that would be good. He tells Smoker he will only free him on the condition that he forget everything he learned about him and Joker. On a balcony below the cage, Luffy asks Law how they get inside. Law asks how Luffy broke out, and Franky tells him the mesh isn't made of kairoseki.



    Meanwhile, Zoro, Sanji, Brook, and Kinemon are still barely outrunning the approaching gas. Kinemon tells them that the comedic way they are running isn't helping them. Sanji is trailing behind due to Nami's body being at its limit. He instinctively clutches his chest, and in doing so puts his hand on Nami's breast. Sanji's eyes light up and moments later he catches up with the dragon and captures it. Nearby, Nami and Usopp are riding on Brownbeard. Nami apologizes to him for making him carry them in his injured state, saying they have to save the kids, hoping they hadn't eaten the candy yet. Brownbeard tells them it is not a big deal as he has to save his men anyway. They look down and see the dragon outrunning the gas. In front of the lab, the Marines are relieved to see one of the shutters to the lab opening. Inside the lab, Caesar's subordinates are panicking due to the shutter opening, asking who pulled the lever. Someone points up and the subordinates see Luffy, Robin, Law, Tashigi, and Smoker standing over them. Tashigi is happy to see everyone inside safely, Law wonders where his heart, Luffy remarks how interesting things are getting, and Smoker voices his reluctance about cooperating.


    Outside the lab, Brownbeard, with dragon now attached to his tail and Zoro, Brook, Sanji, and Kinemon clinging to the dragon is running toward the now closing shutter. Zoro asks Kinemon if he can cut iron and the samurai replies that it is no problem. Zoro tells Brownbeard to keep running. The two swordsman cut down the door and Brownbeard barrels through, all of them landing in a heap. Everyone inside is terrified now that the gas can get in the lab. Luffy is happy to see that everyone arrived, and ordered everyone to start fighting back.




    One Piece 678 Trivia : Very few Sea Kings end up with names, only those who commonly inhabited the same waters receive names. The Sea King that ate Shanks’ arm is known as Lord of the Coast, and Long Ring Long Land island had a Sea King called Master of the Waters.

    If you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below. Your Feedback is Greatly Appreciated, but NO SPAM here is more expecting and also for our benefits. Thanks for your support.




    One Piece 678 spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!


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