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One Piece 684 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

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One Piece Spoilers

> One Piece 684 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]
  • One Piece 684 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

  • 25.09.2012 21:24
  •  One Piece 684 Spoilers!!!One Piece 684 Prediction and Discussions!!! One Piece 683 has been released now!!!

    One Piece 684 Spoiler summary :




    Smoker and Vergo are fighting.
    Vergo may be an ability user.
    Gas is seeping in already….
    The truth about the incident 4 years ago is revealed
    Luffy encounters Momonosuke


    One Piece 684 Spoiler

    One Piece Chapter 684: Stop it, Vegapunk
    Coverstory 10: Caribou Pirates vs Marine G-5
    Koribou armed with a shovel is going toe-to-toe with Yarisugi’s katana


    SAD room
    As Smoker and Vergo fight, Vergo blows into his bamboo stick, spitting out explosives at Smoker like a blow dart.
    As the two fight, Smoker has a slight advantage over Vergo in terms of physical combat, and mangaes to land a clean hit on his face.
    He then demands Vergo to keep his hands off his men. (badass moment)


    Building B, where the G-5s are
    The place is burning down, and one of the tank explodes, causing a hole in the walls.
    The gas starts seeping into the compound.
    As they run for their lives, more G-5 gets caught in the gas and die in the process.
    CC is observing the chaos on the monitor seeing how the small dragon caused Shinokuni to get in.
    He’s unhappy though, as dying there won’t do any good to his experiment spectacle show.
    CC orders to close the gates to C and D, but to leave R open, so all of them will be gathered there.


    CC is in 2nd floor of building R, the “Secret Room”
    This room used to be Vegapunk’s commanding room.
    He plans to trap everyone in the first floor of Building R, and send Shinokuni in from the vents, killing everyone.
    Strawhats, G-5, and even the children. He will broadcast the entire deal to the brokers of the New World.


    He tells his men that he stopped the mad scientist Vegapunk and his evil weapon from destroying the island
    His men believes him, as he tells them he wants to prove that he is a better scientist than Vegapunk by creating a more powerful weapon,
    although it is against his will, so he can bring down Vegapunk from the seat of most valuable scientist in the World Government.


    But that’s far from the truth….


    Flashback of 4 years ago starts


    It was Ceaser that used the weapon of mass destruction on the island, as the other scientists tried to stop him.
    He arguest that what’s wanted is a weapon for marines that can kill as many pirates as possible.
    Other scientists argue that weapon that brings massive unbiased civilian casualties is not what’s needed.
    Ceaser says a weapon that can kill everything is the way to true peace, and says what he’s doing is no different than experiments on human trash on this island.
    Fleet Admiral Sengoku may not agree with him, but CC believes Admiral Akainu would want his weapon.


    He claims Vegapunk is jealous of him, as he recently failed with his gigantism experiment.
    CC says they should just go kidnap kids to experiment on, if they want the experiment to succeed.
    Vegapunk is shown in shillouette (again) telling CC he’s expelled from their science board, and that he’s out of control.
    Enraged, CC hits a buttom, causing massive explosion in the lab.

    Back to the present time, CC’s minions close the doors as ordered.
    Meanwhile in the dump, Luffy encounters a small asian dragon that speaks….!


    One Piece 683   '' A Girl Like Ice '' Summary :



    Monet locks Luffy in a ten-layered snow hut. She then begins to weaken him with her powers. Luffy, however, simply blasts through the floor with a Jet Spear and falls into the basement. However, Monet says that Luffy cannot get out of the basement unless he can fly.


    In B-block, Chopper, in his Monster Point, is trying to prevent the berserk children from the Biscuits Room. However, Chopper is unable to fight without hurting the children and is beaten down before the Rumble Ball wears off when Brook, Kinemon, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Robin come to the rescue. Chopper informs them that he is trying to prevent the children from getting their candy with the aid of Mocha, who is trying to protect the candy. Robin and Mocha try to stop the children, but in vain. Monet suddenly appears, blocking the exit of the Biscuits Room with a snow barrier. Monet then tells Mocha not to keep the candy all to herself and share the candy with everyone.


    In the SAD Room, Vergo shows up, upon which Law attempts to use his Devil Fruit abilities to recapture his heart. Vergo steals it back from him and brutally beats him to the ground. Law manages to hit Vergo with a Counter Shock, but the attack is ineffective. Law tells Vergo that he is the one miscalculation in his plan. Vergo then prepares to finish off Law, but Smoker suddenly appears, stopping Vergo. Vergo and Smoker then prepare to fight.



    One Piece 684 Trivia: During Episode 488, Smoker was shown using his miraculously-repaired jutte, even though Hancock had destroyed it earlier.

    If you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below. Your Feedback is Greatly Appreciated, but NO SPAM here is more expecting and also for our benefits. Thanks for your support.




    One Piece 684 spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!



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