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One Piece 710 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

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Spoilers & News >

One Piece Spoilers

> One Piece 710 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]
  • One Piece 710 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

  • 15.05.2013 05:45

    One Piece 710  Spoilers!!!  One Piece 710 Prediction and Discussions!!! 

    One Piece 709  has been released now!!! Read it on MangaHere.com!

    Read One Piece 709 Here:  http://www.mangahere.com/manga/one_piece/v69/c709/



    One Piece 710 Spoiler: 






    Chapter 710 “To Green Bit”

    Bellamy, broken and on the stretcher tells Luffy how he’s embarassed that he hasn’t changed a bit
    Luffy comforts him that he has certainly changed
    Bellamy tells Luffy if anyone has changed, it’s him (Luffy). With such immensely powerful haki, and even cheering him on.
    He tells him his pride is broken, but contrary to those words, is smiling.
    Bartolomeo overhears their conversation, with an astonished look at the mention of “Strawhat”

    Meanwhile Law’s team… 45 min until the time for their exchange
    The bridge made of iron is nothing to the might of the Battle-fishes
    CC is worried, but Law says it’s ok these these guys will handle them (points at Usopp)
    Usopp: Why don’t YOU handle them, “Shichibukai!”

    The fishes attack from both sides at once, but Usopp takes one out, while Robin takes out the other.
    But since there’s endless number of them, Law forces CC to fight. CC takes out one with his gas laser.
    Law is conserving his strength for later when they depart… he has to. They’re going to face Doflamingo after all.

    Meanwhile, a massive net catches a Battle fish. Mysterious voices cheer for their great catch.
    Law’s group can’t see them, but hears their voices. The mysterious voices notices there are humans there, and quickly runs away leaving the fish.

    Law forces CC to become a balloon to carry them across the bridge.
    As they arrive to Green Bit, an island of strangely looking jungle full of twisted vegetation, they see a marine ship that’s stuck in the jungle. It looks like it literally flew into it. Robin notices the scratches on it are fresh, it just recently got here…

    Robin suspects Law planned the arrival of the marines, although Law pretends not to know anything about it.
    *flashback to when he told Smoker where he’s going*

    14 min till the promised time, as Law and CC stay at the beach, Usopp and Robin take a stroll in the jungle.
    They see marines yelling at the mysterious voices, demanding if they’re Straw Hat crews.
    The voices ask if they are bad people or good people (childish voices), and tell them to hand over the weapons, which the marines refuse.
    The voices strip the marines naked instantly, taking their clothes and weapons
    Robin sees a shadow of them running off, and sprouts a field of hands (like a garden of flowers) and catch one.
    Robin sees him/her and says it’s a dwarf!



    End of One Piece 710 chapter




    One Piece 709 "King Punch" Summary:



    Bartolomeo kicks Hack and knocks him out, eliminating him from the competition, this astonishes the crowd including the commentator who apparently was cheering for Hack to win. The commentator then gets control of himself and announces that the B block battle is still anyone's game and that there are 24 participants left, some of the combatants still left standing are: Bellamy the Hyena, Bartolomeo the cannibal, Dagama, King Elizabello II the fighting king, Bluegilly, and Ricky.

    Dagama then announces to Bluegilly that everyone is wounded and that now is the time, Bluegilly then kicks Ricky in the helmet, and wounds him gravely. Bluegilly questions Ricky as to "what he is trying to cut, with a dull sword" while Ricky lies on the ground commenting that he can not win against time, and that he hates the cheers and that he hates Doflamingo. Bluegilly and Dagama then attack the gladiators that Dagama had bribed into helping him from behind, betraying them, Dagama then tries to double cross Bluegilly and attack him from behind, but Bluegilly notices and counters with a kick that knocks Dagama out of the ring, leaving him at the mercy of the fight fish. Bluegilly knew never to trust a schemer like him and was watching his back the whole time, earning him the praise from the audience. 


    Meanwhile Bellamy has been fighting Bartolomeo and is on death's door, been severely outclassed by him, Bellamy then comments that Bartolomeo must have eaten a Devil Fruit. The spectators comment that Bellamy was mysteriously hurt after he attacked Bartolomeo just like Hack, while Luffy still hanging from a window sill shouts encouragement at Bellamy.


    Meanwhile a group of competitors have ganged up on king Elizabello II, while Bluegilly taunts him saying that he is now unprotected to which the king retorts back to Bluegilly with a threat of his own. The crowd is now very curious as to what will happen next, as they have heard about the power of Elizabello's punches, and they decide to run away when he starts preparing to punch. As Elizabello is about to punch, Bluegilly quickly moves in with the intent to break the king's neck while Bellamy has managed to catch Bartolomeo with his hands, when he felt the power emminating from the king and turns around to sees in horror that he and Bartolomeo are directly in the path of the punch. With the power channeled in an hour of focus, Elizabello unleashes his punch directly in front of Bluegilly, breaking the sound barrier and releashing an unstoppable shockwave destroying anything in its path and sent everyone in its path flying and out of the fight. The punch alone generated a blinding light that prevents anyone from seeing whats happening. Outside of the colliseum, bypassers stop to look at the rising smoke and the loud sound that came from the colliseum. As the smoke clears, the shaken commentator crawled out of his stand and announces to the audience that every fighter except for Elizabello II had been knocked out.


    Before he could announce the winner, one of the audience shouts out there is still someone else standing, and the smoke clears revealing a transparent barrier protecting not only the audience from the brunt of the punch but Bartolomeo as well. Bartolomeo then reveals that he ate the Bari Bari no Mi a devil fruit that allows him to create a barrier when he crosses his fingers, he then attacks Elizabello knocking him out and winning the B block battle royale which disappoints the crowd.


    Meanwhile outside of the coliseum Franky and Thunderous Soldier of Rage are discussion there plans to destroy the factory, while Thunderous soldier of rage tells him that before they destroy the factory they must first free the workers.




    What's the sercet of Dressrosa? !!! 





    One Piece 710 Spoiler Trivia: In the MMORPG Gaia Online, there is an item called “King of Fruits” that is based on One Piece and contains Luffy’s signature straw hat as a pose.




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    One Piece 709  spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!



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