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One Piece 715 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

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Spoilers & News >

One Piece Spoilers

> One Piece 715 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]
  • One Piece 715 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

  • 09.07.2013 06:35
  • One Piece 715  Spoilers!!!  One Piece 715 Prediction and Discussions!!! 

    One Piece 714  has been released now!!! Read it on MangaHere.com!

    Read One Piece 714 Here:  http://www.mangahere.com/manga/one_piece/v69/c714/



    One Piece 715 Spoiler : Heated Battle in Block C



    Coribou is reunited with his brother, hugging him.

    Caribou is reminded of their dead mother, who told them brothers should get along no matter what happens.


    As the crowd cheer in amazement at Lucy’s OHKO of the giant, surprised at his capable fighting, Caven frowns saying “of course he can..” while Barto is smiling intimidatingly. Rebecca is surprised, just like the crowd.


    Ideo walks up to the unconscious giant, saying this is a ring… he should sleep elsewhere.

    He then punches the Giant out of the ring.


    Destruction Cannon Ideo, champion of the Central Martial Arts club in New World.

    He has a really tall shoulders sticking up higher than his head, and throws out devastating explosive punches.

    He wants the Mera Mera fruit to become even stronger.


    Meanwhile the Chinjao trio are also wrecking gladiators up.

    Sai fights with acrobatic movements and “Hasshouken”, the Eight Impactful Fist style kung-fu, that sends direct impact of vibrations into any foes they touch, rendering any form of armor or shield useless. He is the head of the


    Sai is the 13th head of the Happou Navy, while his brother Buu is the 2nd in command.

    Chinjao is the 12th head (retired), and several fodders go for the head of the legendary Chinjao, but he knocks them all out with CoC.


    Kerry Funk is punching the crap out of a fighter, who is already knocked out. He’s pissed at the fighter for calling him a shorty.

    His brother Bobby tries to stop Kerry, but accidentally holds down the victim. lol

    They keep doing this like a comedy routine.


    Buu goes over to the two brothers, provoking Kerry calling him a shorty.

    He punches Kerry with the vibration punch, and easily knocks him out.

    He goes after Bobby, who claims he’s not going to fight, he’s never even been in a brawl ever since birth, but attacks him with an axe anyways.

    Bobby cowers, but the axe breaks off, not leaving a scratch on Bobby… even though Buu had used CoA on the axe!

    It seems Kerry is the hot-headed fighter, but weak. Bobby is the pacifist, but insanely strong body.

    Kerry tells Bobby to hurry up and “wear” him…

    In the next page, Buu is shown beaten to a pulp by a hulking figure… with the body of Bobby an face of Kerry!


    Meanwhile Jean Ango stole Lucy’s helmet.

    Hey “Lucy”, I heard a strange rumor… I heard the Straw Hat Luffy is hiding somewhere in this tournament! Dededede!

    At the same time, Don Chinjao locked onto Luffy and juggarnauts through the fodders to Lucy.


    40 left in Block C, WHO WILL BE THE WINNER!!!?

    --- One Piece 715 Spoiler END --- 




    One Piece 714 Summary:  


    Off the coast of Dressrosa, the Thousand Sunny is assaulted by Jora of the Trébol Army. She has already used her Devil Fruit ability to transform Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke into art, and they fail to prevent her from transforming the entire ship as well.

    one piece 715

    In the Corrida Colosseum, Ricky refuses treatment for his injuries, despite Rebecca's insistence. Walking away, he sees a flashback of a man and a small girl, and in his mind he asks Rebecca to forgive him.


    In Diamante's quarters, Bellamy tells him that Luffy is competing in the tournament. Diamante tells him that despite his failure to win, Doflamingo will still allow him to become an officer of the Donquixote Family if he is able to assassinate Luffy.


    Above the ring, Cavendish and Bartolomeo watch the C Block battle royale. Bartolomeo confirms that Cavendish is after "Lucy", leading Cavendish to believe that Bartolomeo is after him as well, but the latter says his reasons run deeper.


    The battle of C Block is well under way, and amongst the contenders Hajrudin stands out, knocking away all of his competition. He proclaims that with the power of the Mera Mera no Mi he will become the giant Logia user, and the king of all giants. On the other side of the ring, Luffy has tamed Fighting Bull and nicknamed it "Ucy", shocking the crowd with his audacity. The pair run into Hajrudin, who flattens them into the ground with his shield, but Luffy quickly gets up, leaps into the air, and knocks him down with a single punch. 

    What do you think about one piece 714? 



    One Piece 715 Spoiler Trivia: Donquixote Doflamingo managed to deceive the entire world that he resigned from the Shichibukai, which is considered to be an impossible feat by anyone less than a World Noble. This led Trafalgar Law to imply that Doflamingo is connected with the World Nobles





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    One Piece 715  spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!




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