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The next big 3! (After Bleach) [Fan's Work]

02.17.2012 13:38

Note: This article is written by Constantin, one of the fans of Mangahere, and we post this for a better communication for our fans or manga lovers, so the points of this article has nothing to do with Mangahere.

Now the big 3 mangas: One Piece Manga, Naruto Manga, and Bleach Manga

But now the final ace of bleach manga came out, how long will the bleach final arc lasted? 

And In the present state of affairs, the bleach manga maybe the first one to be end. 

If the bleach manga end, which manga will take place of it? 





To be the big 3, do you think what criteria should the manga meet?


Maybe it’s hard to say, but to be the big 3, the manga must have a high support and have a potential, and the manga can be withstood the test of the time. With the passage of the time, most mangas are disappeared gradually.

Some mangas do not have long story line, for example: Death Note. The manga is already completed, though it won so many fans. The manga lost the competition to be the big 3. 



And now there are many new mangas and which have many fans, they have higher chance to be the big three. 

1. Fairy Tail, the manga is published on 2006 and now has its own fans. Its style is awfully close to One Piece manga. 

2. Ao no Exorcist, the manga is published on 2009 and ranks top 3 in best sellers of 2011. 

3. Hunter x hunter, one of the best selling in 2011, ranks 13. Hunter x hunter has a long history, it is the no.1 in japan once, but it has been break for years. Now the manga came back with strong production team. So Hunter x hunter Manga has a big probabilities to be the big 3. 


There are other mangas also have big chance. For eample:

Toriko, is published in 2008, the No.5 in best sellers of 2011;

Beelzebub, is published in 2009, and its special style and story win many fans, it has a big potential;

The World God Only Knows, Kimi no Iru Machi, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and so on, all of the mangas have chance to be the big 3. 


Any else manga do you think can be the big 3 or maybe no current manga can replace the bleach manga? It’s really a hard question to answer. 



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